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Doom3 for those with little or no PC!

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Here's a story on a board game based on and entitled Doom: The Board Game. This is apparently not breaking news, but I just heard about and got a chuckle over it a few days ago. But hey, I think it might make a neato gift for those diehard doom series lovers, or those who wished they could have played doom3 but couldn't swing the hardware upgrade! Get yours here!

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Change CPU Governor And Frequencies On Linux With cpupower-gui (New Release)

cpupower-gui is a tool that makes it easy to change the CPU governor as well as the CPU frequency limits on Linux. [...] This Python3 + Gtk3 application was updated to version 0.9.0 (followed by 0.9.1 to fix a few bugs) recently with new features, like the ability to use custom CPU profiles for quickly switching the settings. You can switch between the 2 pre-built profiles, Balanced and Performance, from the cpupower-gui user interface, but you can't change them or create a new profile from there. Read more

Ubuntu Vs Pop!_OS: Which One’s Better?

Both Ubuntu and Pop!OS is great for beginners as well as professionals. Like how the budget Android devices ship with a lot of bloatware, Ubuntu also ships with bloatware, resulting in a relatively poor user experience and performance compared to Pop!_OS. Ubuntu also comes with “Ubuntu Minimal options” that don’t include many applications letting you install what you actually need. Apart from that, Ubuntu’s software center has a built-in section for snap applications, whereas you won’t find snap packages in the Pop!_OS shop rather you’ll find the Flatpak package option. However, Snap packages take too much space on the disk; hence, we suggest you consider using the APT version of any application. Pop!_OS also has its own official PPA, where you can find applications like TensorFlow and Android Studio one “apt-get install” away from installing. Read more

Audiocasts/Shows: bpytop, Linux in the Ham Shack and Full Circle Weekly News

  • Awesome Linux Tools: bpytop - YouTube

    I found another awesome Linux tool! This time, it's bpytop, a really neat utility that's similar to htop and allows you to monitor the system resources on your Linux workstation or server. In this video, I'll show you how to install it, and you'll see it in action!

  • LHS Episode #373: GridTracker Deep Dive Part 3 | Linux in the Ham Shack

    Welcome to Episode 373 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this episode, we have a roundtable discussion with several of the contributors to the project. We explore all the changes in GT from Part 2 through the recording date and also look at the new direction of GridTracker as an organization. GT is expanding in mentoring, STEM education, community and much more. Thank you for listening and have a great week.

  • Full Circle Weekly News #186 | Full Circle Magazine

    Linux GUI Apps Coming to Windows Linux Mint 20.1 Will Arrive Mid-December Ubuntu 20.10, Groovy Gorilla [beta], Out Fedora 33 Beta Out KaOS 2020.09 Out Tails 4.11 Out Nitrux 1.3.3 Out Firefox 81.0.1 Out Calibre 5.0 Out

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  • Manage your Linux backups with Rdiffweb |

    The Rdiffweb app offers a simplified web interface for easy management of rdiff-backup, software that offers robust automatic backups from one Linux computer (client) to another Linux computer (server) using secure shell (SSH), thus maximizing your disk space. The free, open source online tool helps save time when accessing rdiff-backup archives, recovering data, and managing administrators. Recently, rdiff-backup received a major update with a host of new features when it was migrated to Python 3. In this article, I'll show you a basic way to set up rdiff-backup with Rdiffweb. Before getting started, you should know enough network basics to identify a Linux computer's IP address and set up an SSH connection.

  • How To Install Grafana on Ubuntu 20.04 – devconnected

    Recently, Grafana Labs released a brand new version of Grafana : v7.0 This new version featured a whole set of different features : namely a new panel editor, a new explore function as well as new plugins and tutorials for beginners. As Grafana evolves a lot since our last tutorial, it is time for us to update the Grafana installation guide for Ubuntu 20.04.

  • Linux security: Manipulating SELinux policies with Booleans | Enable Sysadmin

    A quick look at the flexibility that Booleans offer SELinux and how to make use of them.

  • Update hell due to not updating for a long time

    SecureDrop right now runs on Ubuntu Xenial. We are working on moving to Ubuntu Focal. Here is the EPIC on the issue tracker.