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Creating virtual private networks with tsocks and VTun

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Virtual private networks (VPN) let remote users connect back to corporate networks over encrypted links. Many VPNs are built with proprietary technology and can be tricky and expensive to set up. For a small business or an individual who needs a simple way to securely access remote networks, setting up a true VPN might be prohibitively expensive in terms of both money and time. Let's look at two simple approaches that bring you transparency without the cost. All you need is Secure Shell (SSH) access to a server on the network you're trying to access.

SSH, a simple and common way to access remote networks without a VPN, can be used to get a command prompt on a remote machine. Through SSH extensions such as Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Secure Copy (SCP), you can transfer files to and from a remote machine.

A technique known as port forwarding or SSH tunneling opens up even more possibilities.

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