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How to setup the default web browser in Kubuntu

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Kubuntu is a Ubuntu derived distribution. The only difference between the two is that Kubuntu comes with a KDE desktop environment; while Ubuntu has Gnome. Its just a matter of preference which one you want to use. Anyways; since Kubuntu is KDE based; it comes with its own web browser called “Konqueror”. To be honest I did not give Konqueror that much time to win me over. I am a pretty avid Firefox user and it was one of the first applications I installed. The problem that I ran into was that all our KDE applications were still using Konqueror as their browser. For example; whenever I would click on MSN inbox from Kopete; it would open up in Konqueror. That was pretty annoying to me; so I went about fixing it.

Here is my trial/error approach to try to figure out what setting to change.

Full Story.

Re: How do my stories

shergill wrote:

How do my stories end up on this site. I mean I dont mind; but I was just wondering how they make their way to here..

I post links to stuff I think my visitors might find interesting or helpful. I actively go out and hunt for stuff. Your site got bookmarked at some point and I hit most of my bookmarks each day hunting for new stuff. Ubuntu and friends is a hot topic, so I figure folks might like links to things about them.

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