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He's a god!
61% (643 votes)
bit too arrogant
16% (169 votes)
just a potty mouth
8% (80 votes)
can be abusive
10% (103 votes)
shouldn't be allowed out
5% (53 votes)
Total votes: 1048

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Pro tip: Find tons of open-source Android software with F-Droid

If you're looking for truly open-source software for the Android platform, you don't have to do a ton of searching or check through licenses from within the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download a simple tool called F-Droid. With this tool, you can download and install apps (from quite a large listing) as easily as you can from the Google Play Store. You won't, however, find F-Droid in the Google Play Store. Instead, you have to download the .apk file and install it manually. Once it's installed, the rest is just a matter of searching for an app and tapping to install. Read more