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Big Winner in 2012

17% (600 votes)
18% (652 votes)
6% (220 votes)
1% (44 votes)
2% (83 votes)
16% (574 votes)
28% (1001 votes)
5% (185 votes)
6% (228 votes)
Total votes: 3587

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Ten lessons from Open Source Open Society 2015

There’s a dark underside to open source culture. Chris Kelly from GitHub says because anyone can take part in open source, the door is open to assholes (he’s American, I’d prefer to say arseholes). That includes bullying white men with a sense of entitlement. Things often end up argumentative. He says this culture can frighten off outsiders, only a few women coders work in open source and the movement is missing out on the benefits of diversity. There’s a clear need to deal with this and to improve communications between people working in open source. Read more

OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch to Get MultiROM Manager Support

The OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch port is doing great, and a lot of work is being put into it. In fact, it looks like this platform will soon be supported MultiROM Manager, a powerful application that allows users to install easily the operating system from Canonical. Read more

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