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That crazy puppy. He's such a nutball. Tonight he caught some kind of big *ss bug that started squawking when Fred chomped down on it and he ran all around the yard to try and get away from it. But it was in his mouth. It took him about 3 laps to figure it out. lol It was hilarious.

Fred, that's his name, is actually quite the cowardly cuss. (I hope he grows out of it). He's scared of everything. Loud noises. Weird smells. Neighbors' dogs.

So, it wasn't much of a surprise when that bug scared him. But what kind of bug makes a loud... I can't even describe the noise. I've lived in the boondocks/sticks all my life and have seen some weird looking bugs in my time, but I've never heard one hollar like this before. So weird.

Anyway, it was funny.

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What kind of dog did you get?

re: dawggy

He's a weiner. Dachshund formally, but we call 'em weiners around these parts. Big Grin

I actually got a female last year and with them together it's a circus around here. They're such nutballs.


And thus the First Intergalactic War was started as Ambassador SKRrE4CcH was chomped by a Type 4 life form from Earth.

re: Fred

lolol, oh no!


I love weiner dogs. They are such happy dogs and full of life.

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