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Is Canonical’s Ubuntu Focus Too Darn Diverse?

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Unix was ostensibly forged on the philosophy that every entity be designed to do only one thing, and do it well. Has Canonical, which develops one of the most popular Unix-like OS’s around today, thrown this philosophy out the window when it comes to business strategy? Former Canonical COO Matt Asay thinks so. Here’s why he may be wrong about Canonical and Ubuntu Linux.

Arguing recently that Canonical missed the bus long ago on the netbook market, Asay, who served as chief operating officer of the company for ten months before resigning last December, also made the case that Canonical’s endeavors are currently too diverse:

Canonical needs more focus. The company does well whatever it does, but it’s organizationally impossible to be exceptional in so many different areas.

The key to achieving major success, Asay suggested, is to focus on a single market.

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