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Much better
28% (100 votes)
little better
25% (89 votes)
about the same
29% (105 votes)
little worse
7% (24 votes)
much worse
12% (43 votes)
Total votes: 361

2010 Poll

The poll title simply says '2010'. What exactly would I be voting on? It's ambiguous, at least to me.

re: 2010 poll

the year in general. 2009 sucked in a lot of areas, especially the economy. Do you think 2010 will be better, worse, or about the same as than 2009?

China, Singapore, Taiwan

Based on these results, Tux Machines readers are optimists.

2010 will be a good year... for China, Singapore, Taiwan...

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After dealing with blocker bugs the past two weeks, Fedora 35 is now confirmed for releasing next week. The latest Fedora 35 RC compose has been declared a "GO" at today's Fedora meeting for releasing next week. Fedora 35 will be shipping on 2 November after missing its original final target date of 19 October and follow-up of 26 October due to unresolved issues. It's not as bad like Fedora's notorious release delays from many years ago and at least they side with quality rather than timeliness. Confirmation of Fedora 35 being ready to ship next week was announced today. Read more

Interview of Nicolas Lécureuil, chair of the Mageia Board, on

Nicolas Lécureuil, alias NeoClust, is a long time user of He has an account on the website dedicated to Linux since 2005. Nicolas became the president of the Board of Mageia early in 2021. Nicolas has been, and still is, very active everywhere in the Mageia forums, discussion lists and the cauldron development, where new versions of the distribution are being cooked. In this interview, we will see that he is an early Mageian. Also, we will discover his ambitions and projects for this distribution, which is one of the most accessible to the general public. Read more

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This is an overview of deepin OS for everyone who looks for the best alternative operating systems for their computing. It is a GNU/Linux distribution that is well made, artistic and beautiful, practically easy to use, and at the same time unique no other Free Software Desktop Systems could ever thought to be. We made this review based on version 20.2.4 and hopefully this can give you pictures of deepin OS. Lastly, we still hope that deepin OS will soon be mass produced so people can just purchase a deepin laptop or deepin PC they want to start their software freedom. We think deepin OS is artistic and unique for user's computing with aforementioned features explained in the whole article. We, once again, wish deepin OS to be mass produced, as we believe it is ready and deserves mass production more than either Windows or macOS so millions of people could start their software freedom computing. We strongly appreciate one shop, The Linux Laptop, who sell laptops with deepin OS preinstalled and international shipping, as that would help many people who can only work with, not take care of nor install the hardware or software in their computers. Is it not good if Wuhan Deepin Technology as the organization behind deepin OS, does the same? All in all, the unique traits of deepin OS can be a good study for everybody including other Free Software Desktop Systems developers. Read more

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    8 new GNU releases in the last month (as of October 24, 2021): automake-1.16.5 gdbm-1.22 gnuastro-0.16 gnuastro-0.16.1-e0f1 gnupg-2.3.3 mygnuhealth-1.0.5 nano-5.9 parallel-20211022

  • A Patent Troll Backs Off

    I hope you never get sued by a troll but if you do, take a deep breath. Realize you're not powerless. The more we all realize that and the more we band together, the more they go away.

  • [Old] Mycroft Defeats Patent Trolls…Again…For Now

    So how does this end? For the troll? Badly. Unified Patents’ IPR [sic] is extremely likely to succeed in invalidating one of the troll’s two patents. Mycroft’s IPR [sic] is likely to succeed in invalidating the relevant claims of the other. In the meantime the trolls have to pay their counsel ( assuming their “counsel” are actually “counsel” and not investors/directors/officers of the shell company ) and associated fees and costs for defending the IPR. [sic] But that’s not the end of it. Mycroft is pursuing damages against the trolls under a Missouri statute designed to defend Missouri companies from trolls. And the dismissal of the troll’s infringement case? It makes Mycroft’s case for damages extremely strong.

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  • FLOSS Weekly 653: Web Servers and Cybercrime - Paul Mutton

    Paul Mutton of Netcraft gives Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman an hour of wisdom, experience and stories about items we can worry about less because he and Netcraft are on the case. If you care about cybercrime, phishing, malware, or any of the many vulnerabilities that afflict us all online, this episode of FLOSS Weekly is for you—especially if you operate web servers.

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