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Installing Spamassassin

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Lets get to the topic straight away.... spam. Spammers can help increase the size of certain body parts that will make you the most desirable person in this world. And if you are fat, they have the pills for you. They have machines that will do the job without any effort on your part. Machines that will round out your flat butt or flatten out your round butt while you sleep. Spammers help you grow hair on your head and remove it from other body parts. You can picture yourself with a slim waist, rounded buttocks, hairless legs and with essential body parts which have now increased in size.

It does not stop here, if you don't have credit card debt, they will give you a credit card with pre-approved unlimited limits. They get you any number of degrees and diplomas. That's not all, the spammers in Nigeria trust you more than they trust anybody else in this world.... Big Grin

Spam is one of the biggest problems of the internet and just about everybody has written Bill Gates. I did not want to be one of those guys who blogs and never wrote about spam, one of the most loved subjects of bloggers.

If you have a server of yours, then instead of using a spam prevention service, it is a good idea to install a spam blocking software on the server like spamassassin. This is one great software. We use qmail as the mail server on our servers. My first idea was to install spamassassin , qmail scanner, razor and clam antivirus for the entire server. But then I realized the load was quite high. Though I still feel it is a good idea to do so. However at present I have just installed spamassassin with razor on the server. Now we can install spamassassin on the accounts we want. So if you do not like your mail being filtered you still can.

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