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KDE's Matthias Ettrich Receives German Federal Cross of Merit

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Today at 4pm CET at the Center for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues at the Berlin Senate, KDE founder Matthias Ettrich was decorated with the German Federal Cross of Merit for his contributions to Free Software. Matthias was awarded the medal in recognition of his work spurring innovation and spreading knowledge for the common good. The award was presented by state secretary Almuth Nehring-Venus. She mentioned that not only is Matthias among the younger recipients of the award but also that this is the first award ceremony where young children of the family were present. Also attending was Eberhard Gienger, member of the Bundestag for the county Matthias grew up in.

Matthias started the KDE project on October 14, 1996 with his now infamous email. The project grew in leaps and bounds, creating one of the most active and innovative Free Software communities today, and helped redefine the expectations users have from free software in general.

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KDE 4 still sucks Smile

re: but, kde4 sucks

well, I'm getting used to it. Thanks to pclos, another gig of RAM, and now Mandriva; I guess I'm learning to live with it.

Anxious to test openSUSE 11.2 and SimplyMepis 8.5 (or 9.0, whichever is next) too. oh, one of these days I guess I'll have to boot back to gentoo and try its ebuilds as well.

I ain't never gonna be really happy until I can stretch a wallpaper across multiple monitors. reading planned features for the next several releases - it ain't happening any time soon. I don't think they'll ever worry about it cause most people just have one big monitor these days instead of two smaller ones.

Does not

Anonymo wrote:
KDE 4 still sucks Smile

No it doesn't. You inability to accept change and learn something new is what is holding you back.


poodles wrote:
Anonymo wrote:
KDE 4 still sucks Smile

No it doesn't. You inability to accept change and learn something new is what is holding you back.

Inability to accept CHANGES IMPOSED BY FORCE is only natural -- don't you agree, comrade Stalin?

Change for the better.

Béranger wrote:
poodles wrote:
Anonymo wrote:
KDE 4 still sucks Smile

No it doesn't. You inability to accept change and learn something new is what is holding you back.

Inability to accept CHANGES IMPOSED BY FORCE is only natural -- don't you agree, comrade Stalin?

I guess if you had your way we would still be driving Model T fords.


Last time I looked, this is open source. Which means I am willing to bet they would love to have serious people with good ideas contribute to the project and make it better.

So, if you don't contribute, you then are left to work with what those who do contribute manage to put out.

Don't like it? then either do something to help improve it or don't use it. There's no 'forcing' involved.

Big Bear

( BTW, I for one, am one of those who simply don't use it, my choice)

Folks, you're all stupid

1. No, it's not that we would all be driving Model T Ford cars. Progress has always happened, but at a normal place, as required by the consumers. Commercial products traditionally die if they're not good enough to entice people into buying them. Now, with open source software, there is different, because they're free and legally so, therefore gazillions of stupid youngsters try hundreds of Linux distros and oh they love them all and so on. This is childish. A true product doesn't require the user to constantly change their habits -- do you drive your car in a different manner than you did 80 years ago? It's still using a steering wheel and so on.

Why are Windows users sticking to Windowx XP? Because Vista was a FORCED CHANGE and it didn't work out that well. Even Microsoft had to face that truth.

With KDE4, nobody from the development team can be forced to support anything -- it's not a commercial endeavor. And, for once, this is terribly bad, because they're simply allowed to do whatever they want, and nobody can influence their decision -- not even the market.

If Windows were legally free, I wouldn't be using this crap of Linux for a second more than needed, say, at work or business-related.

2. This is a second stupid mantra of idiot people: "it's open source, contribute or shut up". Still, no open source project has a definite ownership, and it's not a democratic one anyway.

I CANNOT DECIDE TO fix a bug the way I feel it it would be right. OTOH, aseigo is free to do whatever he wishes.

THE USERS cannot decide what the course of a desktop environment be -- I mean, the serious users, not the fanboys, nor the developers.

Due to the complexity of nowadays software, NOBODY CAN AFFORD FORK OR MAINTAIN OLDER VERSIONS of projects such as KDE or GNOME -- the FLOSS efforts can barely manage to keep the existing bugs at an almost-reasonable level (if having stupid bugs in simple software such as Gedit or Kate is acceptable).

Generally speaking, yes, THIS IS DICTATORSHIP OF THE FEW 'ILLUMINATI' -- the only difference is that they don't charge you for that. Still, if you're using Linux in a corporate environment and you're forced to upgrade to a completely new version of something big (KDE4, GNOME3) because the older version is not supported and patched anymore, this is going to induce you huge costs -- training, users/customers that would want to kill you, etc.

Innovation is good. Innovation in the software area is now a way to a faster death, because it makes simple things more complex than needed, just because it's possible -- I wouldn't use a nuclear missile to kill a fly even if the missile would sell for $1 and even if the I would be immune to the radiation -- and a regular set of OS + common applications one is using can count for 876712546127542765467412 unfixed bugs.

Now THIS is progress.

well, as long as your being civil...

Name calling is ALWAYS the first sign of maturity right? no? guess not. I am sorry to inform you that you are only a genius in your own mind, the rest of us think you are pretty much obnoxious.. sorry to have to break that to you on such short notice.

The "world" is that complicated IF you make it and allow it to be so. Most of the times, when 'complex' problems finally get ironed out, it is by removing the people who create such complex situations so they can make themselves look intelligent.

After that, people who actually get things done are able to "go back to the basics." it's an example followed in almost every business, production, design and practice. Why, even in software. Things that are over complicated are usually fixed only by simplifying them.

You're frustration with things becoming overly complex is natural. However, don't take yor frustration out on everyone else when you yourself are still contributing to problems by suggesting over complicated solutions..

And leave the 5th grade attitude at home next time please. You're more enjoyable to discuss with when you present yourself as older than 12.

Big Bear

Yeah, you must be a genius

The same way nobody wants to SEE those TENS OF MILLIONS of WinXP users who hate Vista for good reasons, the same way you, THE GENIUSES OF THE FLOSS -- you know better than the users what the users want.

The other person (or regime) that knew better than the users/customers/consumers want than the users/customers/consumers themselves was Josef Vissarionovich Stalin (or the Stalinism as a regime).

You would deserve the Josef Stalin Medal For The Greatest Achievements In Sticking Your Will In Other People's Arses.


way too much caffeine dude.

who is twisting your arm to use Linux and opensource anyway? Is there a secret cabal that is forcing you to use this software? no? then quit whining.

It is a big software world out there and you are more than welcome to use what you like, want, whatever.

But, as the civil rights saying goes, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

I don't force anyone to use anything. I let my clients choose what they want out of options from a variety of sources they get to pick from. What ever works best for them.

Those choices, btw, include Windows and apple and others, FYI.

So before you go looking to label everyone who doesn't want to join your witchhunt, calm down and focus on what works best for you, then use that.

no need for all the drama.

Big Bear

Foss developers have not killed 60 million.....

The difference between opensource and priority software is that the source is always available, if you have the skills you can always compile any software, if there is a big enough user demand you can bet someone will be making binaries.

Comparing Foss or Windows to Stalin is insane, Stalin was a complete paranoid fucktard who killed any one he believed threatened his position, he also (as Hitler did) persecuted ethic minorities such as the Jews (he is estimated to have killed up to 60 million people in total). In fact the reason I am the person I am today is due to my great grandfather feeling Stalin's Russia to the UK (thank you UK for accepting him!)

If you disagreed with Stalin you were killed... Slightly different to the Foss movement....

Vista is complete shite , similar to ME, personally I have never liked Windows, having come from an Amiga background 94-2002 seemed like the dark ages for me, in 2002 I first ran Linux and have never looked back (originally mandrake btw)

I now use Arch Linux and do not plan to change any time soon...(no KDE3 in arch)

Béranger maybe you should try Debian Lenny, they have KDE3 support that will last for years .... Personally I prefer something a bit more 2009.............

Oh crap...

so easy to start wars.

You should have some sort of blog where you write theses ideas Smile

re: beranger blog

Anonymo wrote:

You should have some sort of blog where you write theses ideas Smile

Rolling On The Floor

hee hee,

This IS funny.....

Glenn Beck?

beranger blog = Glenn Beck of FOSS

No disrespect

I mean no disrespect. Beranger is a good writer. He is opinionated but he is skilled.
I found this:
Articles are well written. Too bad it's down. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

re: no disrespect

I know, that's why it was so funny that you said he should get a blog - cause he's already had a few then works himself up into a lather and quits. He'll probably start another one of these days.

Here's one reason

I need kdelibs3 for Antidote RX, a French-language grammar checker. Mandriva is French and they only support it for 2009.0 not newer: because newer releases of Mandriva Linux have dropped KDE3. Voilà.

I have several commercial Win32 applications from the year 2000, written for Win2k, and they still work with Windows 7.

A commercial application written for KDE3 already can't work on several Linux distros, so people have to stick to Debian or Ubuntu or whatever is still supported (CentOS).

The ADHD-affected FLOSS developers suck.

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