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My Arch Linux Experiment (Part 2)

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Welcome to part two of my Arch Linux experiment, where I am attempting to determine if Arch is a viable replacement for Kubuntu on my machine. Previously, I bombed out big time and ended up frustrated with the installer and the fact I had trouble getting things to work properly. Having both IDE and SATA hard drives on the same system confused Arch into not even being able to boot, and several things didn’t work properly after installing KDEMod. I decided to try again, and here the saga continues.

Come to find out, a great deal of my troubles with Arch were not due to Arch itself, but instead my inability to “read the manual” before diving into a product. What I found out later on was that there are some great installation guides for both KDEMod and Arch itself, and if I had read them beforehand, I probably would have been better off. I’ve been using Linux since (around) 2001, so I thought I would be fine feeling my way through, but Arch turned out to be a different animal altogether. Oh well, lesson learned!

Despite things not going so well last time, the results of my mission so far have been pleasant, mostly due to the fact that the Arch community has been so helpful. With the comments that I have received from Arch fans and Arch gurus alike, I was made to feel right at home and welcome even as a newcomer.

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