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still sucks
20% (218 votes)
getting there
18% (202 votes)
pretty good
20% (223 votes)
almost perfected
8% (85 votes)
13% (138 votes)
I don't use kde
21% (236 votes)
Total votes: 1102

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Leftovers: Gaming

  • Valve Adds Great Steam Controller Improvements into the Latest Steam Beta Client
    Now that the Steam Client received one of the biggest stable updates for 2016, the time has come for Valve's Steam developers to concentrate their efforts on some more awesome features for the cross-platform software. And so, they announced on February 9 the availability of the first Beta release of the upcoming stable Steam Client version, adding initial support for DirectX 12 games on Windows 10 operating systems (requires the November update), better support for the Steam Overlay with the DOOM game, and drag scrolling for the Big Picture mode.
  • No Linux for Batman, XCOM 2 Arrives & More…
    Although Warner Brothers has abandoned plans for a Linux port of Batman: Arkham Knight, there’s lots of excitement over last week’s day-one release of XCOM 2. Seemingly out of the blue, Batman: Arkham Knight’s planned Linux and OS X release has been cancelled. In all likelihood, this cancellation stems from the litany of problems with the game’s Windows port, which has been panned by critics and players as glitch plagued and often almost unplayable.
  • EASTL is now officially open source
    Although incomplete sections of it were previously available through EA's GPL source code releases, the EA STL is now officially open sourced, under a modified BSD license.

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Latest on SCO

  • SCO vs. IBM legal battle over Linux may – finally – be finished
    A breach-of-contract and copyright lawsuit filed nearly 13 years ago by a successor company to business Linux vendor Caldera International against IBM may be drawing to a close at last, after a U.S. District Court judge issued an order in favor of the latter company earlier this week. Judge David Nuffer said that all of SCO’s claims against IBM are dismissed, and that briefs for a final legal certification of the judgment would be due Feb. 26, with responses, if necessary, on March 11. Nuffer re-opened the case in 2013.
  • SCO's last arguments in 'Who owns Linux?' case vs. IBM knocked out [Ed: some history]
    The end of the near-immortal “Who owns Unix?” case looks to be near after a US judge knocked out the two remaining arguments with which the SCO group hoped to attack IBM. As we reported on Tuesday, Judge David Nuffer of the US District court found against SCO's attempt to work a breach of contract angle in its long-running dispute with IBM, which centres on SCO code that may or may not have made it into Linux and AIX.