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And Now A Word From Our Lawyers

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In light of recent developments, the Humorix Legal Department decided that we should publish the following disclaimers and notices to avoid any potential lawsuits or fiaSCOs.

[NOTE: The use of non-standard capitalization within the word "fiaSCOs" should not be construed as a disparaging or libelous reference to The SCO Group®, its subsidiaries, employees, or shareholders.]

The following statements were drafted by Mr. Noah Morals, Humorix's Chief Litiguous Bastard, and his assistant bastards, Mr. M. T. Scruples and Ms. Sully Sittor, of the Lowe, Morals, and Scruples Law Firm, LLCts, (Limited Liability Corporation tax shelter).

WARNING: This document contains abnormally high concentrations of advanced legal verbiage, complex grammatical structures, and non-sensical meta-humor references, which may lead to severe headaches, elevated blood pressure levels, and excessive head scratching that could produce premature hair loss. The staff of Humorix, its shareholders (if any), and its various hangers-on disclaim all responsibility for adverse mental or physical health effects that could result from reading, browsing, or grokking(tm) the following material [NOTE: "Grokking" is probably not a trademark, but Humorix and its legal department refuse to take any chances.]

NOTICE: While the title of this story includes the word "word" in singular form, that is merely a figure of speech. Let it be known that this document actually contains 1,373 words (more or less). Estimated reading time: 26 minutes. Estimated time spent kicking yourself for wasting 26 minutes of your life: 27 minutes.


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