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Tuxmachines' Wall of Appreciation

These are special friends of Tux Machines. These are people who have donated either money or hardware to the site out of the kindness of their hearts. We will never forget them. In thanks we publish this:

Wall of Appreciation




Don L.

Patrick D.

Alexandru R.

Charles M.

David T.

Lucian B.


Philip K.

Roy S.

Gene L.


William S.

Dion D.

Louis P.

Rick B.

David D.

Richard H.

Jose S. V.

Andrei-Daniel P.

Dave F.

KC v.

Juan S. V.

Pete R.

Jeffrey T.

John W.

John B.

Norman D.

Matthew M.

KC v.

KC v.

daniel z.

Sebastian L.


KC v.

Richard G.


Philip K.

Richard G.

Lucian B.



Paul F.


Richard C.

Lucian B.

mihai i r

Tengis N.

Rick B.

Paul W.

N. G.

Gregory Z.

Robert K.

Larry M.

Dion D.

Carl S.

daniel z.

Claudio V.

Robert W.

christopher b.

Terrence N.

Charles F M.


Gregorio F.

Gene L.


James B.

Darrel J.

Claudio V.

Donald J.

Todd P.

Rob W.

Jesse F.

Russell o.

Matthew M.

Mark F.

David A.

antoine r.

Norman D.

N G.

Troy W.

George K.

Christopher S.

leon j.

Mark F.

Randy E.

David B.

Walter E.

christopher b.

Gyula Z.

Victor J.

Grady A.

Wanda L.

Dion D.

John J.

howard w.

Carla S.

Christopher W.

Petri J.


Reg S.

Richard F.

Phil B.

Donald V.

Don B.

Russell o.

John W.

Grady A.

Paul W.

Ilias K.

Richard H.

Michael T.


Mike J.

Matthew M.

Christopher W.



Rod R.

Felician S.

Don C.







E. Vasquez

R. Ossendryver















More in Tux Machines

Krita 4.2.3 Released

Today we’re releasing Krita 4.2.3. This is mostly a bug fix release, but has one new feature: it is now possible to rotate the canvas with a two-finger touch gesture. This feature was implemented by Sharaf Zaman for his 2019 Google Summer of Code work of porting Krita to Android. The feature also works on other platforms, of course. The most important bug fix is a workaround for Windows installations with broken, outdated or insufficient graphics drivers. The core of the issue is that our development platform, Qt, in its current version needs a working OpenGL or Direct3D installation as soon as there is a single component in the application that uses QML, a technology for creating user interfaces. We have managed to work around this issue and especially users of Windows 7 systems that have become a bit messy should be able to run Krita again. Read more

Games: Eagle Island, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, Robo Instructus, Ion Fury, TRI: Of Friendship and Madness

  • The lovely rogue-lite platformer "Eagle Island" can now be picked up on GOG, Linux build soon

    Heads up GOG fans, Eagle Island from Pixelnicks is now available to pick up from GOG with the Linux build expected soon.

  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS new "Eight Princes" DLC is set 100 years after the main game

    Releasing soon, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is to get an "Eight Princes" DLC set 100 years after the Three Kingdoms period began. Announced yesterday, Creative Assembly are moving quickly to add in a whole lot more content to THREE KINGDOMS and it does sound pretty sweet. It will feature: an entirely new campaign; eight new playable princes with "substantially different" play-styles with unique buildings, assignments and court options; along with new elite units like cataphracts; four new alignments Wealth, Spirit, Might, and Mind and more.

  • Guide a robot with simple programming in "Robo Instructus", out now

    Robo Instructus from Big AB Games, which is mainly a solo-operation, is a puzzle game where you need to guide a robot using a simple programming language. Is it odd to think programming can be relaxing? If so, I guess I'm pretty strange in that way. Even if you don't know any programming, Robo Instructus walks you through things quite easily and getting started with it is pretty quick.

  • Grab Ion Fury (previously Ion Maiden) before the price shoots up tomorrow

    Interested in slick retro first-person shooters? You may want to act fast as the price of Ion Fury (previously Ion Maiden) goes up tomorrow. Currently in Early Access, Ion Fury offers a very good preview campaign to play through while you wait for the full release on August 15th. The price is currently around $19.99 but from tomorrow they will bump it up to $24.99.

  • TRI: Of Friendship and Madness returns to GOG with Linux support

    After being previously removed from the DRM-free store GOG, TRI: Of Friendship and Madness has now made a return with full Linux support included.

Today in Techrights

8 Top Ubuntu server Web GUI Management Panels

Ubuntu Server with command-line interface might sound little bit wired to newbies because of no previous familiarization. Thus, if you are new to Ubuntu Linux server running on your local hardware or some Cloud hosting and planning to install some Linux Desktop Graphical environment (GUI) over it; I would like to recommend don’t, until and unless you don’t have supported hardware. Instead, think about free and open-source Ubuntu server Web GUI Management panels. Moreover, for a moment, you can think about Desktop Graphical environment for your local server but if you have some Linux cloud hosting server, never do it. I am saying this because Ubuntu or any other Linux server operating systems are built to run on low hardware resources, thus even old computer/server hardware can easily handle it. GUI means more RAM and hard disk storage space. Read more