Easy dvd-video authoring on Ubuntu Linux with Dvdman

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I have made a simple standard-dvd-video with a custom basic menu, using only free software on Ubuntu (Feisty) for pc i386.

Ubuntu is a free operating system that, differently from Windows and MacOS has no licensing costs. Also most of the professional software you can use on a Linux operating system is free (released under Gnu-Gpl or another opernsource license).

Let’s make a comparison:
€ Windows XP license
€ , amateur dvd-authoring-software
€ , amateur video-editing-software
€ Nero, dvd-burning-software
€129 one MacOS X license
€79 iLife (iDvd, amateur dvd-authoring-software + iMovie, amateur video-editing-software + iPhoto, amateur photo managing software with powerful slideshow authoring)
€0 operating-system-integrated dvd-burning-software
€0 infinite licenze Ubuntu Linux
€0 Mandvd, amateur dvd-authoring-software
€0 operating-system-integrated dvd-burning-software with powerful slideshow authoring

I think that investing time on free-opensource-software (foss) is both an ethic and economic choice.

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