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I Made A Home Assistant Hub Using The Atomstack X20 Pro

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I’ve been slowly adding more and more devices and sensors to my home automation setup and it’s gotten to a stage where I now have a pretty significant number of apps to control them on my phone and iPad. I’ve also wanted to set up automations and routines between devices, but the interfacing across platforms and between brands isn’t usually available or is buggy at best.

If you’ve done anything home automation related on a Raspberry Pi then you’ve probably heard of Home Assistant. It a free and open-source software package that is designed to be a central hub or control system for all of your smart home devices and it’s got a pretty substantial online community working on integration. So, for example, it allows you to do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do like use an Ikea motion sensor to turn on a Philips hue light. Something that isn’t supported by either ecosystem individually.

So today I’m going to be installing Home Assistant onto a Raspberry Pi and I’m going to use a new laser cutter, the Atomstack X20 Pro, to laser cut a housing for it so that I can put it somewhere convenient in my house without it looking like a jumble of wires, dongles and PCBs.

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