New PCLinuxOS 2007 looks great, works well

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PCLinuxOS is a live CD distribution that enables users to test Linux without actually having to install it. The highly anticipated new version, PCLinuxOS 2007, was released on Monday. Its intuitive selection of software, high level of stability and functionality, and the quality of the graphics make this the distribution's best release ever.

After the live CD boots the kernel and before a user sees the desktop, a system configuration wizard prompts you for the keyboard, timezone, and network connection you want to use. On my laptop I have a WLAN chip that is dependent upon Windows drivers used under Ndiswrapper. This isn't an obstacle with PCLOS. The wizard allowed me to browse my Windows NTFS hard drive and loaded the chosen driver file. After I filled in the WPA security information, it connected to my wireless router within a few seconds without problems.

If you like the way PCLOS performs on your hardware, you can use the supplied graphical hard drive installer to make it permanent. The quick and easy installer asks a few preliminary questions, copies files to the hard drive, then asks a few configuration questions. All told, it took about 20 minutes to install on my test machines.

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Great Review

One of the best reviews you've ever written--thanks!

re: review

Oh, shucks, thanks for saying. They have an excellent editor over there. Big Grin

Good job

I liked the Soho review as well. Hopefully they pay you for this (as they should).

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