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Debian Community News: Jonathan Cohen, Charles Fussell & Debian embezzlement

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Less than a week later and a greedy lawyer, Jonathan Cohen, a partner at Charles Fussell in London, has started formally harassing the volunteers. The WIPO UDRP arbitration service is the weapon in use. You can see Cohen's vendetta in the WIPO database.

Earlier this year a ruling from the ADR Forum confirmed that these attacks on volunteers are harassment and abuse of the UDRP. Rather than respecting that verdict, the lawyers have simply gone to a different UDRP arbitrator, WIPO, hoping to get another knife into the volunteers.

The Google employees in Debian are currently searching for young women in Kosovo to work for free as volunteers at DebConf22. Most of these women earn less in a month than Jonathan Cohen is being paid for one hour writing harassment and defamation of volunteers.

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Debian SLAPP microsite, resignations

Meike Reichle & Debian Dating

  • Meike Reichle & Debian Dating

    People who really believe in free software don't just vanish like this.

    When professional women come to a Debian event and they see all the women there are already part of a couple it gives them a very bad feeling.

    The promotion of non-developing developers has benefited a lot of girlfriends who acquired voting rights over the heads of real developers.

    Debian is spending all this money on legal fees to cover up these relationships...


    On 5 December 2018, the Debian leader's ex-girlfriend, Molly de Blanc, who never did any technical work, was given the highest rank, Debian Developer. How would Lucy Wayland and all the other women feel? When women see a promotion like that, they feel that their skills are being ignored and the only way to get ahead is to sleep with somebody.

Taowa Munene-Tardif & Debian trademark, libel, wasting money

  • Taowa Munene-Tardif & Debian trademark, libel, wasting money

    Debian appears to be wasting money on a trademark case that is doomed to legal failure. One member of the trademark team, Felix Lechner, has resigned in disgust. Therefore, who is advancing this vendetta?

    The remaining two members of the trademark team are Taowa Munene-Tardif and Brian Gupta. Today we look at Taowa.

    Taowa's contributor profile shows she is little more than a groupie who joined around DebConf17 in Montreal. She was only added to the Debian keyring in 2021.

    As far as we can tell, Taowa has never met the volunteer she is attacking. She is not his employer, she is not one of his clients and she has no right to impose herself on him with silly demands. This is the stuff of a toxic woman.

Girlfriends, Sex, Prostitution & Debian at DebConf22, Prizren

  • Girlfriends, Sex, Prostitution & Debian at DebConf22, Prizren, Kosovo

    When the Formula One grand prix went to Hungary, they faced a big problem: prostitution was illegal. This is a challenge for events with a predominantly male audience. Hungary changed their laws and even constructed Erotik Camping zones for diversity purposes.

    We already exposed the segregated accommodation at DebConf22 and now we will penetrate deeper into the issue.

    The last DebConf in Europe was DebConf16 in Heidelberg, Germany. It was the biggest DebConf ever with over 700 participants. Participants attend between one and two weeks, up to 17 or 18 days for some people. Participation is over 98 percent male.

    DebConf Kosovo originally planned to be in the capital city, Prishtina. The organizers subsequently decided to move it to a much smaller city, Prizren. The main reason for this move is to be inaccessible.

    Debian has banned people like Linus Torvalds. They want to have DebConf concealed within the walls and gates of a former military base just in case Linus or any other censored speaker decides to show up.

Daniele Scasciafratte & Mozilla, OSCAL, Albania dating

  • Daniele Scasciafratte & Mozilla, OSCAL, Albania dating

    Debian Community News has also published evidence that many of the women who received travel bursaries are not publishing code.

    It is obvious that many of the women in red t-shirts are being paid to attend the Albanian conferences and pretend to be volunteers. They come and sit in the workshops to make the room look full. They ask questions and then at the end of the day they all disappear. There is no follow up on any of the topics presented. As soon as they receive their cash payment at the end of the day, all these women vanish.

    If this is so obvious, why do the leaders of free software organizations continue to give their developers travel funds to go to events in Albania?

Brian Gupta & Debian: WIPO claim botched, suspended

  • Brian Gupta & Debian: WIPO claim botched, suspended

    WIPO has finally responded to the Debian vendetta, informing the overpaid lawyers at Charles Fussell (parody site) that their claim didn't even reach first base.

    We believe but can't prove that the lawyers have now gone back to the Debian leader, Jonathan Carter, asking him to advance more money so they can spend more time revising their original and inadequate documents.

    Who do we blame for this expensive mess?

Sexism processing travel reimbursement

  • Sexism processing travel reimbursement

    According to the DebConf travel funding rules, volunteers need to buy their own tickets and then wait for a reimbursement to come later.

    For DebConf18 (Taiwan) and DebConf19 (Brazil), some of the Albanian women asked to have the tickets purchased in advance. Debian changed the rules for these women but not for anybody else.

Overpaid lawyer & Debian miss WIPO deadline

  • Overpaid lawyer & Debian miss WIPO deadline

    Debian gangsters promise to continue their vendetta despite missing WIPO's deadline.

    We have all seen those horrendously long discussion threads that take place in Debian from time to time. We wonder if the Debian trademark team, Brian Gupta and Taowa Munene-Tardif (Rosetwig) have involved the lawyer in one of those endless threads. The lawyer's phone may well be chiming with the sound of a cash register each time a new Debian email comes in.

    Nonetheless, apart from the budget blowout, the other problem with these endless email discussions from indecisive volunteers is that it is impossible to meet deadlines.

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