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Resolution (2007)

What about multi-headed PCs?

I have 3x (1280x1024) displays plugged in a horizontal configuration.

I guess that makes me a 3840 x 1024 display user.

re: multi-headed

teehee. I think that falls under Other.

Wow, cool.

1024x768 maxed out :'(

Well at the moment I am stuck on my laptop, with a monitor max of 1024x768. Crying

Still better than the first laptop my dad got, win95 stuck at 800x600 (that brings back memories)

(then again I like it coz I am traveling a lot with it so need the portability in my system as a priority)

Makes me sad though being a student and I have 4 house mates with flat screen desktops ranging from 1280x1024 to 1600x1200.
Can't believe the best one £100 21" wide screen lcd monitor from ebay in perfect condition.

Then again I am thinking about making a nice gaming rig with the moneys I hope to get from finding a summer job, mmmm... a custom built linux box, still I could just dip into my student overdraft Wink


My latest LCD Monitor is 1680 x 1050. Absolutely love it.

re: Resolution

i would!!

re:re: Resolution

Well, with these 57 year-old eyes, it was a priority.

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