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Videos/Audiocasts/Shows: Steam Deck's Release Date, OSI Interview OSI, FSF Rants, and Starlabs Starbook Mk. V

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  • Today Valve confirmed the Steam Deck's official LAUNCH DATE (plus OTHER Deck news) - Invidious

    Yes, that's right. Valve confirmed the Steam Deck's release date. It's February 25th, 2022. That's just under a month away from the release of this video.

  • FLOSS Weekly 665: The Open Source Initiative - Stefano Maffulli, OSI

    Stefano Maffulli joins Jonathan Bennett and Simon Phipps on this episode of FLOSS Weekly. Phipps does double duty as guest as well as co-host. It's all about the Open Source Initiative, the custodians of what exactly counts as Open Source. That may seem like a solved problem, but cloud computing, machine learning, and Standard Essential Patents present new challenges to face. We talk about these topics and more, so check it out!

  • Does The FSF Really Respect Your Freedom? - Invidious

    There see to be some legitimate concerns with how the FSF approaches microcode and firmware running on a secondary processor which does not respect your freedom and in many ways puts users in danger.

  • NO CLEVO? Starlabs Starbook Mk. V review - Invidious

    We've got a very special laptop running Linux out of the box: the StarLabs Starbook Mark 5. This one is pretty different from virtually every other manufacturer: it's NOT using a clevo or tongfang chassis, it's custom designed, aluminium, and it's a pretty amazing ultrabook that really deserves an in depth look.