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Raspberry Pi Leftovers

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  • Multilingual blink for Raspberry Pi Pico - Raspberry Pi

    A year ago today we launched our Raspberry Pi Pico board, the first product powered by the RP2040 microcontroller, a brand-new chip developed right here at Raspberry Pi. A year later we’ve sold nearly 1.5 million Picos, and thousands of you have used RP2040 in your own electronic projects and products.

  • Hackaday Links: January 23, 2022

    Sandy Macdonald from York quickly cobbled together a Raspberry Pi and a pressure/humidity sensor board and added a little code to create a recording barometer.

  • Display Your Speech In Realtime To Help Lipreaders In The Mask Era

    The system consists of a small screen that can be worn on the chest or other part of the body, and a lapel microphone to record the wearer’s speech. Using the Deepgram AI speech recognition API running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, the system decodes the speech and displays it on the Hyperpixel screen.

StackyPi – A Raspberry Pi RP2040 board with Raspberry Pi Zero

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