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Linuxfx 11.1 WxDesktop 11.0.3

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Linuxfx version 11.1.1103. This update releases several new features for the operating system. The system kernel has been updated to version 5.13, bringing better support for more modern hardware. System tools gained new translations: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, American and Portuguese is now supported for WxDesktop. Android support has been improved, now in addition to supporting opengl, we also release support for Vulkan (experimental). Finally, all system packages have been updated, including WxDesktop, Onlyoffice and many others. The image has been scaled down to fit on a DVD. Users of older versions will receive this update over the internet. New users can download the new image from our portal.

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Linuxfx 11.1 Released

  • Linuxfx 11.1 Released

    Linuxfx version 11.1 has been released. Linuxfx is a Brazilian Linux distribution. Linuxfx is based on Ubuntu loaded with an intuitive Cinnamon desktop user interface. Linuxfx natively brings the Edge browser, Teams, Skype, PowerShell, Office Online, Code, and more. Linuxfx lets you run Android games and apps. Linuxfx personal assistant uses Google assistant technology to help you hear and execute your voice commands quickly and efficiently.

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