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Games: Cemu, Humble Bundle, and "Keep Bugging Game Devs For Linux Anti Cheat Support"

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Popular Nintendo Video Game Emulator 'Cemu' Plans ... Linux

  • Wii U emulator Cemu plans to go open source and support Linux | GamingOnLinux

    Most emulators nowadays have their source code nicely open, and the vast majority of them fully support Linux too but Cemu has been a bit of a holdout. Not for long though.

    On their official roadmap, which many people emailed in excitedly, they put up their plans and who can blame people for being excited on this? Scrolling down a bit, a Linux port is clearly mentioned. It has been an "ongoing side-project" already but quite slow as it was low-priority and it depended on other things being done. The good news is that they say it's about "70%" of the way there already. Having Linux support of course will also be great for the Steam Deck, since it comes with SteamOS 3 (based on Arch Linux).

  • Popular Nintendo Video Game Emulator 'Cemu' Plans to Go Open-Source with Linux Support - It's FOSS News

    If you’re into retro gaming, you may have come across retro console emulators. For those unaware, they are basically software or hardware that allow the host system to run games designed for another system.

    Lately, Cemu has managed to grab the attention of the open-source community. It is one of the many retro console emulators out there that lets you play games tailored for Nintendo Wii U. However, as of now, it distinguishes itself from most of them in one major aspect, its closed-source nature, but that’s about to change.

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