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Kubernetes 1.23: The Next Frontier

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We’re pleased to announce the release of Kubernetes 1.23, the last release of 2021!

This release consists of 47 enhancements: 11 enhancements have graduated to stable, 17 enhancements are moving to beta, and 19 enhancements are entering alpha. Also, 1 feature has been deprecated.

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Microsoft's "me too"

  • Blog: Kubernetes 1.23: Dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 Networking Reaches GA [Ed: When Microsoft controls the Kubernetes blog to shill NSA back-doored stuff like Windows]

    "When will Kubernetes have IPv6?" This question has been asked with increasing frequency ever since alpha support for IPv6 was first added in k8s v1.9. While Kubernetes has supported IPv6-only clusters since v1.18, migration from IPv4 to IPv6 was not yet possible at that point. At long last, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 networking has reached general availability (GA) in Kubernetes v1.23.

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  • Pod Security Graduates to Beta

    With the release of Kubernetes v1.23, Pod Security admission has now entered beta. Pod Security is a built-in admission controller that evaluates pod specifications against a predefined set of Pod Security Standards and determines whether to admit or deny the pod from running.

    Pod Security is the successor to PodSecurityPolicy which was deprecated in the v1.21 release, and will be removed in Kubernetes v1.25. In this article, we cover the key concepts of Pod Security along with how to use it. We hope that cluster administrators and developers alike will use this new mechanism to enforce secure defaults for their workloads.

Kubernetes 1.23: Kubernetes In-Tree to CSI Volume Migration...

  • Kubernetes 1.23: Kubernetes In-Tree to CSI Volume Migration Status Update

    The Kubernetes in-tree storage plugin to Container Storage Interface (CSI) migration infrastructure has already been beta since v1.17. CSI migration was introduced as alpha in Kubernetes v1.14.

    Since then, SIG Storage and other Kubernetes special interest groups are working to ensure feature stability and compatibility in preparation for GA. This article is intended to give a status update to the feature as well as changes between Kubernetes 1.17 and 1.23. In addition, I will also cover the future roadmap for the CSI migration feature GA for each storage plugin.

Kubernetes v1.23 Is Here. Are You Ready?

  • Kubernetes v1.23 Is Here. Are You Ready?

    Kubernetes’ final release for the year 2021 is ready: Version 1.23.

    The Christmas edition of Kubernetes comes with 45 new enhancements to make it more mature, secure and scalable. There are some critical changes grouped into the Kubernetes API, containers and infrastructure, storage, networking and security in this latest release.

What’s New In Kubernetes v1.23?

  • What’s New In Kubernetes v1.23?

    Kubernetes v1.23 is the last major release of 2021. The latest update to the leading container orchestration platform promotes 11 features to the stable channel, marking them as suitable for general use. Here’s what you need to know before you upgrade.


    While an “ephemeral” volume may initially sound strange, there are several use cases for this functionality. Volumes are often used to provide a Pod’s process with first-run config values that are only accessed once. In this scenario, an ephemeral Pod is ideal as it’ll be deleted when the Pod stops, instead of being reattached to future Pods that’ll never use the data. Another possible case is processes which cache large amounts of data but don’t need it to be persisted between individual Pod terminations.

Canonical Kubernetes 1.23 hits GA

  • Canonical Kubernetes 1.23 hits GA

    The Kubernetes crew at Canonical is delighted to announce that Canonical Kubernetes 1.23 is now generally available. The team is committed to releasing in tandem with upstream so our users and customers can benefit from the latest features and improvements as soon as they become available. This blog is a quick introduction to Canonical Kubernetes and the top features available in release 1.23.

Kubernetes 1.23: StatefulSet PVC Auto-Deletion (alpha)

  • Kubernetes 1.23: StatefulSet PVC Auto-Deletion (alpha)

    Kubernetes v1.23 introduced a new, alpha-level policy for StatefulSets that controls the lifetime of PersistentVolumeClaims (PVCs) generated from the StatefulSet spec template for cases when they should be deleted automatically when the StatefulSet is deleted or pods in the StatefulSet are scaled down.

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