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The 7 best open-source terminal web browsers

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Browsing websites from the command line has a niche following from seasoned Linux users. In the early days, users could access the websites from a terminal using text-only browsers like Lynx. At the time, most people used low-powered PCs with slow internet connections. Fast forward, Linux users are spoilt for choices with many modern GUI web browsers like Firefox, Chromium, Brave, or lightweight browsers like Midori, Otter. However, browsing from the terminal is still much practiced.

The article describes some of the best text-based web browsers and how to install them in your Linux distribution.

A text-based web browser displays the text content of a website. The majority of its niche community are seasoned Linux command line users who want to get everything done from the terminal. Text-based browsers provide faster loading and minimum bandwidth usage, which is great for low bandwidth connections. Another use case of command-line browsers is for system administrators who only interact with a terminal console.

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