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Security Leftovers

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  • Finnish authorities warn of new wave of malware text messages

    Clicking on the link does not immediately install the malware, though. Users are asked to allow the installation. The malware may also steal data from the device and send more malware-spreading scam messages.

  • [Old] So we could use a little help with systemd-shim…

    One of the unique features of MX has been the ability for the user to choose between systemd and sysVinit on installed systems. The magic sauce that made that work is a package called systemd-shim. However, development on systemd-shim stopped some time ago, and Debian recently dropped the package from the Buster repositories.

  • Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s How.

    To compromise your device or account, we don’t even need direct access to your fingerprint. A photo of a surface you’ve touched (from a table at the local library to the equipment at your nearest gym) will do.

  • The Internet is Held Together With Spit & Baling Wire

    Imagine being able to disconnect or redirect Internet traffic destined for some of the world’s biggest companies — just by spoofing an email. This is the nature of a threat vector recently removed by a Fortune 500 firm that operates one of the largest Internet backbones.