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Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid

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Welcome back, Firefox fans! We've helped you get started on your journey to browser perfection with our list of 20 must-have Firefox extensions. But the ability to tweak your browser is a double-edged sword. There are extensions best avoided, including some of the most popular.

Popularity shouldn't be the acid test to determine if you should install an extension. The important question is whether it enhances your browsing experience without any nasty side effects. The good news is that the extension community is actually pretty adept at self-policing. Most extensions that are truly "broken" (for instance, they crash your browser or suck up all your CPU power) either get fixed quickly or simply vanish.

But some extensions are "bad" in unapparent ways, or just don't provide enough benefits to be worth running. So, in no particular order, let's look at 10 to avoid.

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i finally moved from the firefox camp to the galeon camp

..and i'm pretty happy, it brings the best of firefox and lots of features from both epiphany and konqueror, with Smart bookmarks and easily customizable bookmarklets, who could ask for mor.. oh, wait there's more, --it runs TEN times faster than firefox on Gnome desktops, i freakin love it...

re: firefox to galeon

I prefer konqueror myself. I whip out firefox if there's a site that konqueror can't do real well or the site complains. I haven't really looked at Galeon in quite a while. Last time I looked it wasn't much more feature rich than dillo. Big Grin It must be improved by now.

re: firefox to galeon

actually there was a talk about merging galeon and epiphany together a while ago, i don't know how this went, but apparently it didn't work out and they decided to make a new release. it doesn't bring a whole lot of new features, as far as i know, smart bookmarks has always been there with galeon, but i never noticed the java bookmarklets thing before though.

konqueror still can't view some sites properly, and that's a big issue, i can say the same thing about galeon though, but it's not as evident. besides i use gnome anyway, and nothing could compine functionality and light weight together like galeon. i just hope they'd keep developing it.

Greasemonkey and GMail

Of the ten, I only have Greasemonkey, and all the extensions (except one) aimed at enhancing GMail. (The other just gives shortcuts to StreetMap and GoogleMaps when it sees something that looks like a UK postcode.)

Get Greasemonkey to work in Konq (I understand someone is working on it) and it's bye bye Firefox. Oh, and Google Docs. Apart from that FF is overrated, and were it not for this extensibility I would be using Konq.

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