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Games: Ethiopia Pack, Steam Labs, Naev and Eagle Island

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  • The Ethiopia Pack launches for Civilization VI on July 23

    The New Frontier Pass expands on July 23, the Ethiopia Pack launches for Civilization VI as part of their plan to continue pushing out content over the next year. If you purchased the New Frontier Pass, this DLC will be free for you but like with the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack it will also be available as a single purchase.

  • Steam Labs hits 1 year, Community Recommendations launches

    After about a year of Steam Labs now being a thing, Valve have written up a blog post to celebrate and to go over what's shipped, what's not happening and more.

    Steam Labs is the new area of Steam where Valve put up various experimental features, sometimes made with external developers, to attempt to improve Steam as a whole. We've seen upgrades to Steam's searching tools for finding games, which has been great to see more filters like price and excluding games already owned. Then there's Play Next to give you options from your big Steam Library to go through, the Interactive Recommended and more.

  • Open source space trading and combat game 'Naev' has a fresh build up

    Another wonderful classic free and open source game had a fresh update recently. This time it's Naev, a game inspired by the classic Escape Velocity.

    Naev is an open-world space trading and combat game, giving you the freedom to explore space and do pretty much anything you want. The first Beta of Naev 0.8.0 is out now, which is the first major release in around three years so naturally it includes a lot of changes.

  • Eagle Island's big Summer update brings better controls and checkpoints

    Developer Pixelnicks continues to update and refine the beautiful rogue-lite platformer Eagle Island with a new update out focussing on dealing with lots of little issues.

    "With its falconry-inspired gameplay & procedurally generated worlds, Eagle Island is set to a beautifully modernized pixel art aesthetic and provides a breath of fresh air to the character platforming genre. Eagle Island is a roguelite, it can be played in either Story Mode (progress) or Rogue Mode (permadeath)."

    I definitely enjoyed Eagle Island but it wasn't without difficulty, sometimes annoyingly so. Pixelnicks said they've been closely monitoring issues and taking on feedback, with this Summer Solstice update aimed to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. They also put out a slightly silly video (below) to go over a bunch of the changes, with the ending showing off some content coming to a DLC that's apparently so big it's on the scale of a sequel.

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