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Star Lite Mk III and Purism GNU/Linux Laptops

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  • Star Lite Mk III Linux Laptop Is Now Available for Pre-Order from Star Labs

    Star Labs just informed me today that they’ve launched the pre-orders for the lightweight Star Lite Mk III Linux laptop from only $428 USD.

    Featuring a lightweight design with a redesigned chassis, the Star Lite MK III Linux laptop features an 11.6-inch LED-backlit Arc IPS matte display with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and 16:9 aspect ration, which users offers glare-free viewing thanks to the a hard coat that also boasts durability.

    Under the hood, the Linux laptop is powered by a 1.1GHz Quad-Core Intel Pentium Silver N5000 processor that can go as high as 2.7GHz when boosted and promises up to 29% performance increase. It also features 8GB 2400MHz LPDDR4 RAM for up to 33% faster memory.

    It also features Intel UHD 605 graphics, a fanless design, a smoother glass trackpad, improved audio system, backlit keyboard, as well as an ultra-fast 240GB over-provisioned Star Drive SSD with up to 560MB/s read speeds and up to 540MB/s write speeds.

  • The next generation of the Purism Linux laptop is on its way

    For most Linux desktop users who want a ready-to-run Linux laptop, I recommend the latest high-end Dell XPS 13. I can also suggest System76 or ZaReason PCs or laptops for those who want top-of-the-line Linux hardware. But if privacy, security, and free software are at the top of your "Want" list, then you should check out Purism, maker of free software and Linux-powered laptops, and its next-generation Librem 14 laptop.

Not recommending Purism

  • Not recommending Purism

    This is just a quick note to mention that I have updated my hardware documentation on the Librem 13v4 laptop. It has unfortunately turned into a rather lengthy (and ranty) piece about Purism. Let's just say that waiting weeks for your replacement laptop (yes, it died again) does wonders for creativity.


    I realize that some folks (particularly at Debian) might still work at Purism, and that this article might be demoralizing for their work. If that is the case, I am sorry this article triggered you in any way and I hope this can act as a disclaimer. But I feel it is my duty to document the issues I am going through, as a user, and to call bullshit when I see it (let's face it, the anti-interdiction stuff and the Purism 5 crowd-funding campaign were total bullshit).

    I also understand that the pandemic makes life hard for everyone, and probably makes a bad situation at Purism worse. But those problems existed before the pandemic happened. They were issues I had identified in 2019 and that I simply never got around to document.

    I wish that people wishing to support the free software movement would spend their energy towards organisations that actually do honest work in that direction, like System76 and Pine64. And if you're going to go crazy with an experimental free hardware design, why not go retro with the MNT Reform.

The sleek Star Lite Mk III 11-inch Linux laptop

  • The sleek Star Lite Mk III 11-inch Linux laptop is now taking orders

    Star Labs have announced their latest Linux laptop refresh with the Star Lite Mk III 11-inch now available to order.

    Not long after their recent Star LabTop Mk IV 13-inch release, this smaller model is just as mighty looking. I'm happy to see more vendors do proper matte displays too, as glare is a huge nuisance with laptops. Star Labs say it has 'both a 21% Haze and a hard coat which boasts both durability and glare-free viewing'.

Star Labs’ Newest Linux Laptop is Small But Perfectly Formed

  • Star Labs’ Newest Linux Laptop is Small But Perfectly Formed

    Big-name brands like Dell and Lenovo serve up hard-to-beat, high-end powerhouses. But a growing club of Linux-specific laptop vendors sell affordable and equally attractive devices.

    Companies like Slimbook, Entroware, and Star Labs offer competitively priced, well spec’d Linux powered PCs, notebooks, and convertibles that cater to needs other than “workstation”.

Star Lite Mk III Linux laptop up for pre-order for $426 and up

  • Star Lite Mk III Linux laptop up for pre-order for $426 and up

    That puts this little computer in budget/low-mid range laptop category, which makes sense when you look at its specs.

    The Pentium Silver N5000 processor is a 6-watt, 4-core/4-thread processor that uses Intel’s Atom-based “Gemini Lake” architecture. It’s not exactly a speed demon, but it is one of the better Gemini Lake chips released in 2017. And it’s an x86 processor which should have wider software compatibility than the ARM-based chips used in other budget Linux laptops like the $100 PineBook or $200 PineBook Pro.


    The Star Lite Mk III measures about 11.1″ x 7.6″ x 0.5″ and weighs about 2 pounds, making it a fairly compact notebook.

    But there are a few underwhelming features on the spec sheet. The computer only has a 480p webcam, and the RAM cannot be upgraded. The 30.4 Wh battery is also only expected to offer up to 7 hours of battery life.

A Small Yet Mighty Star Lite Mk III Linux Laptop Available

  • A Small Yet Mighty Star Lite Mk III Linux Laptop Available For Pre-order

    Besides top laptop makers like Dell and Lenovo, Star Labs is one such company that builds laptops specifically to run Linux flawlessly. Star Labs offers Linux laptops ranging from low-cost to high-powered such as Lite and LabTop.

    Subsequently, Star Lite Mk III is the latest refreshed and lightweight edition that is available for pre-order at a budget price starting $426. As the name suggests, Lite Mk III is a smaller model that comes with a mighty look and improved specifications.

Star Lite Mk III Linux laptop now available to pre-order

  • Star Lite Mk III Linux laptop now available to pre-order from $426

    Star Labs kingdom that preorders for its Linux laptop in the form of the 11.6 inch notebook the Star Lite Mk III. As the name suggests the latest Linux laptop from the company yields on previous iterations and is now available from $426. The Star Lite Mk III features an 11.6″ ARC display, a true matte display that prevents glare with an Anti-Reflective Coating. It also features a hard coat rated at 3H to prevent against damage.“It’s power-efficient LED backlighting produces bright and vibrant colours. The combination of 1920×1080 resolution and IPS technology ensures optimum viewing clarity at angles up to 178°” says Star Labs.

Why It’s Time To Pay Attention To This Linux Laptop Company

  • Why It’s Time To Pay Attention To This Linux Laptop Company

    Linux hardware company Star Labs first crossed my radar with the release of its fantastic Star LabTop Mk III, a laptop designed in-house with the performance to prove it could compete with bigger fish in the Linux sea — like Dell’s XPS 13 Developer Edition. Now Star Labs has captured my attention for an entirely different reason. They’ve been doing something spectacular; something that every single Linux PC company should be doing.

This $200 Linux smartphone can also be used as a PC

  • This $200 Linux smartphone can also be used as a PC

    Pine64, the maker of Linux smartphones, laptops and Raspberry Pi rivals, has announced a new "PinePhone Convergence Package" that makes it easier to use its Linux PinePhone as a PC.

    The package builds on the well-received Linux PinePhone, launched earlier this year for $150 with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera.

Star Lite Mk III Pentium N5000 Laptop Ships with a Choice

  • Star Lite Mk III Pentium N5000 Laptop Ships with a Choice of 6 Linux Distributions

    There aren’t that many companies shipping Linux laptops, and often it’s either at the entry-level of the market with Arm-based Pine64 PineBook or PineBook Pro, or at the higher-end with products such as Dell XPS 13 developer edition or System76 Linux laptops.

    If you’d like something in between, you could install Ubuntu on a laptop yourself, but drivers are not always working, and sometimes when the laptop is confirmed to work, the manufacturer may decide to completely redesign the hardware.

Star Lite Mk III Laptop is Now Available with 6 Linux Disto

  • Star Lite Mk III Laptop is Now Available with 6 Linux Distributions

    The Star Lite Mk III is available for pre-order right now with a starting price of $426 and up. The actual shipping will start from tentative September 2020. Detailed buying options at the end of this page.

    From the price standpoint, it is a value for money Linux laptop if you compare it with Dell’s Linux laptop or System 76’s laptop offerings.

    Star Lite Mk III comes with an 11.6-inch screen with Intel’s Atom-based Pentium Silver N5000 processor (4 Core, 4 thread), 8GB RAM and 240GB of storage. The best thing about this laptop is the x86 processor in this price range with Linux which gives you better software compatibility than ARM-based processors which is used in the PineBook series.

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