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Qt Creator 4.13 Beta released

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We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4.13 Beta!

Here are some excerpts from our change log:

New Experimental Plugins

Thanks to Alexis Jeandet for initial support for the Meson build system!

Thanks to IncrediBuild for contributing their Qt Creator integration!

You need to open Help > About Plugins (or Qt Creator > About Plugins on macOS) and enable these plugins before you can use them.


We updated LLVM for the C++ code model to LLVM 10, implicitly improving support for C++20 features.

We fixed many smaller issues with the C++ code model...

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Also: Qt Creator 4.13 Beta Released - Finally Offers Meson Build System Integration

Qt Design Studio - Sketch Bridge Tutorial Part 2

  • Qt Design Studio - Sketch Bridge Tutorial Part 2

    Welcome back to this Sketch Bridge for Qt Design Studio Tutorial, in the last part we created our first button and got it working with it's different states in Qt Design Studio (referred to as qds for the rest of the tutorial). In this part we're going to go back in and create a menu component from instances of this button and look at overriding the icons and text for each instance.


    Here we can adjust the size and colors of our rectangle until we are happy with it and in this case we can leave the single settings set to merge as we just want a simple single asset for this to begin with.

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GNUnet 0.13.2 released

This is a bugfix release for gnunet 0.13.1. It fixes some build issues and contains changes to the REST API implmementation (no change in the API itself) as well as OpenID Connect related fixes to re:claimID. Read more

What Does Mozilla Firing 25% of its Workforce Tells us About its Future

Mozilla has fired 250 employees which is 25% of its workforce. Why Mozilla did it and what lies ahead for Mozilla? Read more

HeliOS is a Tiny Embedded OS Designed for Arduino Boards

Mannie Peterson (aka FellFromTree) has developed an embedded operating system called HeliOS that’s designed specifically for 8-bit and 32-bit Arduino boards, and can easily be used from the Arduino IDE. HeliOS is said to have only 21 function calls and implements cooperative and event-driven multitasking, task notification/messaging, timers, and memory management. It’s a non-preemptive multitasking kernel so you won’t have to deal with mutexes. The developer explains how scheduling works with HeliOS: HeliOS uses a run-time balanced strategy which ensures tasks with shorter run-times are prioritized over tasks with longer run-times. This ensures all running tasks receive approximately equal total run-time without using context switching. The other multitasking option available in HeliOS is event driven multitasking, which uses the wait/notify and timer interfaces. Mixing cooperative and event driven tasks in HeliOS is not a problem. Read more