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  • Difference between Map and Filter functions in Python

    In Python, map and filter functions application look similar and establishing the difference between the two might be sometime confusing.

    In this post, I would like to highlight the basic difference between the two functions with clear examples.

    While Maps takes a normal function, Filter takes Boolean functions. As a matter of fact, filter are maps with conditional logic, a Boolean logic.

  • Building Datagrid for CRUD in Flask in PythonGrid

    pythonGrid is a new free open source library to create a fully working datagrid for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, & Delete) for Flask that connects to a relation database such as Postgres or MySql/MariaDB database.

    It makes everyday datagrid tasks extremely easy. Standard functions like sorting, pagination, search, and CSV export are supported out-of-box without complicated programming.

  • 10 Tips to avoid getting Blocked while Scraping Websites

    Data Scraping is something that has to be done quite responsibly. You have to be very cautious about the website you are scraping. It could have negative effects on the website. There are FREE web scrapers in the market which can smoothly scrape any website without getting blocked. Many websites on the web do not have any anti-scraping mechanism but some of the websites do block scrapers because they do not believe in open data access.

  • Transmit extra data with signals in PyQt5 & PySide2

    Signals are a neat feature of Qt that allow you to pass messages between different components in your applications.

    Signals are connected to slots which are functions (or methods) which will be run every time the signal fires. Many signals also transmit data, providing information about the state change or widget that fired them. The receiving slot can use this data to perform different actions in response to the same signal.

    However, there is a limitation: the signal can only emit the data it was designed to. So for example, a QAction has a .triggered that fires when that particular action has been activated. The triggered signal emits a single piece of data -- the checked state of the action after being triggered.

  • Check your email addresses in Python, as a whole

    So recently, in MDN, we changed the setting WELCOME_EMAIL_FROM. Seems harmless right? Wrong, it failed horribly in runtime and we didn't notice until it was in production.

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