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Kdenlive 20.04 is out

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Jean-Baptiste Mardelle and team are happy to announce the release of Kdenlive 20.04, this version marks the one year anniversary release of the code refactoring. The highlights include major speed improvements due to the Preview Scaling feature, New rating, tagging sorting and filtering of clips in the Project Bin for a great logging experience, Pitch shifting is now possible when using the speed effect, Multicam editing improvements and OpenTimelineIO support. Besides all the shiny new features, this version comes with fixes for 40 critical stability issues as well as a major revamp of the user experience. Kdenlive is now more reliable than ever before.

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Kdenlive 20.04 Released with Major Updated

  • Kdenlive 20.04 Released with Major Updated, Including Better Motion Tracking

    A major new version of Kdenlive, the Qt-based open source video editor is now available to download.

    Kdenlive 20.04 arrives with an insane assembly of improvements and new features — so many, in fact, that it’s taken me the best part of two days to muster up the energy required to try cover it all in a blog post here, on omg!

    The update carries major performance improvements to the ‘Preview Scaling’ tool (i.e. resolution downscaling); introduces a raft of new clip management features (great if you shoot a lot of b-roll, like I do); and adds a powerful multi-cam editing experience...

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