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5 Linux backup and restore tips from the trenches

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It's easy to quote best practices and to tell someone what they should do, but it doesn't always work in actual practice. "Everything works on paper," was my response to an architect who told me that I need to "adhere to the recommended guidelines and best practices rather than being a rogue sysadmin." The fact is that I wasn't a rogue sysadmin. The problem was that this "architect" had never even been inside a data center, nor had he ever seen a server enclosure. He was simply reading a manual and telling me how it should be done, although he'd never had the experience of doing it himself.

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The 20 Best Xfce Themes for Linux System in 2020

Theming and customization is a huge aspect of the Linux world. No other operating system offers such kind of flexibility customizing the desktop. Every desktop environment is great for customizing the look of the Linux system. The Xfce desktop environment is no exception. Instead, it has a massive library of themes and large community support. They are consistently developing Xfce themes for your desktop. Installing and customizing Xfce themes for Linux is also very easy. This article is going to be a handbook for Xfce desktop customization and tweaks. Read more

How to Create Templates in LibreOffice to Save Time and Increase Productivity

Creating a template in LibreOffice can save you some time for the documents that you use often. It can be a letter, a financial spreadsheet or even a presentation. Time is one factor that a template can save and on the other hand it provides consistency where a group of people in an organization work together at the same project. For example, if you are a small organization that has to often issue certificates of experience, instead of copy-pasting from a saved document somewhere, you can create a template. When you need to issue a new certificate of experience, you create a new one from the template, edit it slightly and you are good to go. Read more