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Kubernetes 1.18: Fit & Finish

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We’re pleased to announce the delivery of Kubernetes 1.18, our first release of 2020! Kubernetes 1.18 consists of 38 enhancements: 15 enhancements are moving to stable, 11 enhancements in beta, and 12 enhancements in alpha.

Kubernetes 1.18 is a “fit and finish” release. Significant work has gone into improving beta and stable features to ensure users have a better experience. An equal effort has gone into adding new developments and exciting new features that promise to enhance the user experience even more. Having almost as many enhancements in alpha, beta, and stable is a great achievement. It shows the tremendous effort made by the community on improving the reliability of Kubernetes as well as continuing to expand its existing functionality.

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Kubernetes 1.18: Buffing up the leading container orchestrator

  • Kubernetes 1.18: Buffing up the leading container orchestrator

    Kubernetes is the container orchestrator we all love. But it's not unconditional love. Some users were a bit overwhelmed with the last release's Container Storage Interface (CSI) infrastructure update, which required clusters to be explicitly updated. So, some folks are very happy to see that Kubernetes 1.18 is much more of a "fit and finish" release.

    In this release, much work has been done with improving beta and stable features to ensure users have a better experience. Looking ahead, the developers are focusing on adding features, which will make Kubernetes easier to manage.

    For instance, the kubectl, the Kubernetes command-line, is finally getting a debug utility. While only in alpha in this release, I know many DevOps people are ready and eager to get any debug help they can for working with their Pods inside the cluster. It does this spinning up a temporary clone container, which runs next to the Pod one you're trying to work on. It also attaches to the console for interactive troubleshooting.

Kubernetes 1.18 Improves Networking and Security

  • Kubernetes 1.18 Improves Networking and Security for Cloud Native

    The open source Kubernetes platform has become the defacto standard for enabling cloud native application delivery.

    At its core, Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform, with organizations using it both on-premises and across both public and private cloud provides to deploy, schedule and manage container applications workloads. On March 25, Kubernetes 1.18 became generally available, as the second major release of Kubernetes in 2020, following the 1.17 update that came out on Jan.7.

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