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Mozilla: FTP, SUMO and Karl Dubost

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  • Firefox is dropping FTP support

    Heads up, Firefox users who rely on FTP: the browser is eliminating support for this venerable protocol.

    First written in 1971, the file transfer protocol predates TCP/IP, the protocol stack that underpins the modern internet. In its original form, the protocol is insecure. For example, it transmits login credentials in plain text. In 1999, the IETF published a draft RFC listing its various shortcomings. These included everything from problems in the way it responded to invalid login attempts through to an inability to segment file permissions when using anonymous FTP (which doesn’t require user credentials at all).

    Now, Mozilla is planning to turn off FTP by default in version 77 of Firefox, which will ship this June. Users will be able to turn it on again temporarily so that they can carry on using FTP from within the browser. Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) will continue to have FTP turned on by default in ESR version 78.

  • Support.Mozilla.Org: Introducing Leo McArdle

    We have good news from our team that I believe some of you might’ve already known. Finally, Tasos will no longer be a lone coder in our team as now we have a new additional member in SUMO. Please, say hi to Leo McArdle.

    I’m sure Leo is not a new name for most of you. He’s been involved in the community for so long (some of you might know him as a “Discourse guy”) and now he’s taking a new role as a software engineer working in SUMO team.

  • Karl Dubost: Week notes - 2020 w10, w11, w12 - worklog - Three weeks and the world is mad

    So my latest work notes were 3 weeks ago, and what I was afraid about, just came to realization. We are in there for a long time. I'm living in Japan which seems to be spared puzzling many people. My non-professional armchair-epidemiologist crystall-ball impression is that Japan will not escape it seeing the daily behavior of people around me. Japan seems to have been quite protected by long cultural habits and human-less contacts society (to the extreme point of hikikomori). I don't think it will stand for a long time in a globalized world, but I'll be super happy to be wrong.

  • Karl Dubost: Week notes - 2020 w09 - worklog - The machine will eat us

    note this is hard to keep notes with all the mental space used for work, family and… the new member of the world family: coronavirus. We need to adjust habits everywhere in the world, and it will have definitely an impact on a long term. I do not believe there will a resolution in the next couple of months. My mind is in a marathon state of mind. We are in there for a long run.

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