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Python Programming Leftovers

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  • Improving python code performance by using lru_cache decorator

    Here is the program to generate the Fibonacci series up to the number provided as a command-line argument.

  • Wing Python IDE 7.2 - January 20, 2020

    Wing 7.2 adds auto-formatting with Black and YAPF, expanded support for virtualenv, support for Anaconda environments, easier debugging of modules launched with python -m, simplified manually configured remote debugging, and other improvements.

  • Python Meeting Düsseldorf - 2020-01-22

    The following text is in German, since we're announcing a regional user group meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany.

  • Having some fun with Python

    If it’s not clear after the inevitable Swedish-chef-muppet impression has run through your mind, this string-formatting operation will replace the contents of port with a string containing two copies of whatever was in port, separated by a colon. So if port was "foo", now it will be "foo:foo".

  • Using SciPy for Optimization

    When you want to do scientific work in Python, the first library you can turn to is SciPy. As you’ll see in this tutorial, SciPy is not just a library, but a whole ecosystem of libraries that work together to help you accomplish complicated scientific tasks quickly and reliably.