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Must Read: 5 Best Linux Distros for Windows 7 Users

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With that in mind we asked our readers what they think are the best Linux distros for Windows 7 users to switch to. This post rounds up their responses.

Now, if you’re running Windows 7 at the moment and you’re scared about making the switch to Linux let me tell you that you’re not alone — I was there was where you are once!

One helpful tips to soinstall Linux alongside Windows 7 as a dual boot, and switch between systems just by rebooting your computer.

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Also: Windows 7 Support Ends Today, Upgrade to Something Supported Soon

Windows 7 end of life: Time to move on

  • Windows 7 end of life: Time to move on

    So, what are your options? Simply put, you may want to consider upgrading at last. Biting the bullet and shouldering the expense of upgrading can save you from picking up the tab for a costly cyberattack.

    On the bright side, if you were thinking about switching to another system, there is no better opportunity than now. You have several options to choose from. You can opt for Linux, which offers a number of distributions (the name for Linux operating systems) such as Ubuntu, ElementaryOS, or alternatively you can take a peek at some of the distros we discussed in one of our recent articles.

Windows 7 support ends today: Here are your best alternatives

  • Windows 7 support ends today: Here are your best Windows 10 alternatives

    Ubuntu is an open-source Windows OS alternative that, unlike Microsoft’s operating system, is free to download. Introduced in 2004, OS is based on Linux platform and has nearly all the features that one would find in Windows OS. The operating system also gets regular updates and supports Intel x86 (IBM-compatible PC), AMD64 (x86-64), ARMv7, ARMv8 (ARM64) among other architectures. The OS even runs Microsoft’s MS Office software but it doesn’t support games, in case you want that much flexibility. There’s also a slight learning curve with this one, so be prepared to invest a bit more time in this as compared to Windows.

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