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  • T-Mobile Poland deploys ONF’s open-source EPC

    T-Mobile Poland is using OMEC’s gateway control, user plane and billing components to deliver a Fixed Mobile Substitution (FMS) service to its customers. The OMEC components include standard 3GPP interfaces for interconnecting to T-Mobile’s existing base stations, mobility management entities and lawful intercept platforms.

    Michal Sewera, head of the EPC Shared Service Center at T-Mobile Poland, commented, “Our OMEC deployment provides us with a lightweight packet core providing connectivity, billing and charging at scale for a large number of fixed-mobile subscribers.

  • This New Open Source Software Can Help Spot Cancerous Cells

    A global team of researchers say they have open sourced new software designed to assess the proportion of cancerous cells in a tumour sample, among a range of other functions that could make it easier to create personalised cancer treatment plans.

    Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Oregon Health & Science University, the, and the University of Toronto published the tools this week. They were released to accompany a study, published in Nature Biotechnology, that creates a benchmark approach to computational methods of assessing genetic diversity in a tumour.

    As the research team noted: “Cancers are often made up of many cells which vary genetically to each other. These genetic differences mean the cancer may be particularly susceptible or resistant to a given treatment.

    “As a result, identifying these variations can help clinicians decide which treatment is most likely to be successful for a specific patient.

  • US adds AI export hurdles. Open source might lessen the impact

    Industry is wary of broad government regulation which could hamper product innovation. In turn, regulators are cautious of what geopolitical impact the tech industry's global growth might have. The focus of the regulation strikes a balance between the two forces.

    Due to the open source availability of some of the technological elements that power geospatial software, rules in this field are "potentially less impactful than one might imagine," said Robert Cheetham, founder and CEO of Azavea, in an interview with CIO Dive.

    "Because so much of this work is happening in an open intellectual commons, from which everyone is drawing, contributing and participating in, it narrows the scope of what the regulation could cover," said Cheetham, whose B-corporation builds geospatial applications for civic and social impact.

  • Building a Real-Time App: 13 Open Source Projects You Should Be Tracking Right Now

    Open source is the dominant model of software consumption in the modern era. Cutting-edge startups and entrenched incumbents alike find open source software development and community building a significant part of their overall business strategies.


    There are seemingly limitless open source projects to evaluate. Further complicating matters, each project has its own domain competence and cultural nuances. Considering a single distributed application will have tens or (many) more open source dependencies, development teams must continuously test new open source offerings and hone new skills to use these solutions, while simultaneously architecting their applications.

    In order to help sort through the noise, I’ve looked at six categories of open source projects for this article: data storage, message systems, service meshes, REST frameworks and streaming frameworks. For each category, I’ll identify any dominant players as well as some other projects of note.

  • These Open Source Habits Could Make Your Career

    On an average day, Ryan McKinley gets about four job offers from companies that use — or want to use — the search engine Apache Lucene.

    That’s because McKinley, as an early contributor to Lucene’s open source codebase, is one of a handful of developers with the authority to make high-level changes within the project.

    McKinley, however, isn’t looking for work. He’s the VP of applications at recently formed Grafana Labs, which builds commercial-grade software atop the Grafana open source project. The company hired him because he was the project’s leading community contributor.

    After decades using open source to advance his projects and his career, McKinley has a few takeaways for engineers looking to parlay open source contributions into career growth.

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Easy Librem 5 App Development: Flashlight

In my first post on easy application development on the Librem 5 I discussed how to turn a simple shell script that takes a screenshot into a full graphical app with only a few extra lines of code. In this post I will follow up with an even simpler application that took about twenty minutes to write with much of that time involved in reading documentation. My Bright Idea The interesting thing about smart phones is how many other devices they have replaced beyond a regular phone. For instance, there used to be a market for small, pocket-sized digital cameras, but now many people just use the cameras on their smart phones. While some people still do keep a pocket flashlight with them, many people just use the light on their smart phone. I realized that a flashlight app would be another great way to showcase just how easy it is to develop applications for the Librem 5. As applications go the requirements are pretty simple: you need a button to turn on the light, a button to turn off the light, and a button to close the app. Read more

LibreOffice Writer Articles and Improvements

  • Two alternatives to Microsoft Word that are free and customizable

    If you're looking for an open-source office suite, LibreOffice is the software package for you. Its word processing program is LibreOffice Writer--which, incidentally, this story was written with, so I can attest to its excellence. You're able to choose from different fonts and text styles, embed images and figures, and use a variety of other functions you'd expect from its paid competition. It can save files in an Open Document Format (ODF), a number of Word formats, and export your work as a PDF for wide-ranging compatibility.

  • Improved rotated text handling in Writer's table rows with automatic height

    Writer now has better support for rotated text in tables containing rows with automatic height. This post also presents two related fixes. First, thanks Otevřená města who made this work by Collabora possible. [...] Before diving into improved rotated text handling, first a continuous section break import problem (tdf#128605) was fixed: this was a case when we created a new page style, but only a new section was intended.