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Games: Pokémon Go, Playscii, Trains & Things and More

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  • Pokémon Go never went away — 2019 was its most lucrative year ever

    According to mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go had a record year in 2019, taking in an estimated $900 million through in-app purchases. That means Pokémon Go has surpassed its launch year in revenue after seeing a drop off in both players and spending back in 2017. It’s a rare comeback feat for a free-to-play game, many of which are flash-in-the-pan successes and fade into obscurity.

  • If you want to make some ASCII art, animations and games check out Playscii

    Playscii from developer JP LeBreton seems like a sweet open source application, giving you some handy tools for making ASCII art and it also acts as a game engine too.

    Cross-platform so it supports Linux, macOS and Windows along with the code available under the MIT license there's not really any restrictions on what you do with it. Being able to convert existing images is probably my favourite feature though, it's a lot of fun to play with. Not just for game developers who need some ASCII art, but it's simple enough for anyone to use. Converting game screenshots to make awesome backgrounds, logos and whatever else.

  • Multiplayer economic strategy game 'Trains & Things' releasing this month

    Currently in development by bitshift in Godot Engine, Trains & Things is a multiplayer economic real-time strategy game. The developer has now announced it's going to enter Early Access on January 24.

    Trains & Things has you run a logistics company by your self or with friends. A game of supply, demand and risk as you try to keep the money coming in as you expand across the map. The focus is on the online (or LAN) play, with cross-platform multiplayer between Linux and Windows.

  • Upcoming eco tycoon sim 'Among Ripples: Shallow Waters' has a demo out

    Help maintain a delicate ecosystem in Among Ripples: Shallow Waters, an in-development eco tycoon sim with a focus on lakes and rivers. Originally announced as Among Ripples 2, they changed the title back in November.

    Recently, Eat Create Sleep put up a demo (with a Linux build) as they're preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign at some point early this year. The prototype demo gives a small but interesting slice into what to expect and it's actually pretty relaxing, quite impressive considering they say it's just a "proof of concept". Reminds me of the atmosphere in Megaquarium with it being very peaceful.

  • Upcoming supernatural horror adventure 'ASYLUM' development sounds good

    While it doesn't yet have a release date, it does sound like development on the upcoming supernatural horror adventure 'ASYLUM' is going well.

    After announcing last month that the team at Senscape were awarded an Epic MegaGrant, the founder Agustín Cordes said on Twitter that ASYLUM now has "[…] an internal demo with releasable quality and solid performance on Windows 32/64, Mac and Linux. All the platforms that we promised!". That's good news for Linux gamers, as it sounds like it's going to be in a good state when it's released.

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Linux Marketshare Increased Again Last Month

Last month the company reported that Linux marketshare doubled between March to April 2020. New stats shared for Mat shows that the the upward trend continued. Linux’s share of all desktop OSes grew from a new-high of 2.87 percent in April 2020 to an even higher high of 3.7 percent in May 2020. Now, this is relatively unusual. Linux marketshare — based on past trends — typically hovers below the 2 percent mark and doesn’t fluctuate widely (barring errors). For it to strike out and move past 3 percent might not sound like a big deal, but it’s almost without precedent. Read more

Kuesa 3D 1.2 is Out (AGPL 3 Licensed)

  • Kuesa 3D 1.2 release!

    In short, Kuesa provides a workflow that simplifies work for both designers and developers. It is centered around the glTF 2 format. The idea behind Kuesa 3D is that changes made on 3D models shouldn’t require much, if any, work on the developer’s side. As a consequence, you can iterate more frequently, get feedback more often and release on time. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the new features we have introduced. You can get the full details here. [...] Kuesa 3D Runtime is also available as a separate product, full support from us. The product is available on the Qt marketplace or directly from us. This is perfect if you want to try out Kuesa and see what you can do with it. Like previous releases, it is freely available under the AGPL 3 license. Since it is built on top of Qt 3D, you can use the full Qt 3D API to further customize your application. For the most part, you can leverage things like Picking, Camera handling and a lot more for free.

  • Kuesa 3D Studio 1.2 – Press Release

    Building software that is dependent on real-time 3D models – like for example an automotive dashboard, MRI machine, factory control system or furniture design tool – requires not only 3D designers and 3D programmers. It also demands the ability to bring these very different skill sets together into a smoothly operating workflow.

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Games: Siralim Ultimate, Steam, Drox Operative 2, Precipice, Crowns and Pawns, Soldat 2, Mainframe Defenders

  • Siralim Ultimate, the monster catching RPG is now funded

    Siralim Ultimate, a monster catching game with over one thousand creatures to collect has managed to be a huge success on Kickstarter and so it's on the way to Linux. The developer said to think of it like "Pokemon meets Diablo, or more accurately, Dragon Warrior Monsters meets Path of Exile".. From 1,594 backers they received $90,964 in total funding, although plenty of that will be taken away from fees and taxes it's still quite a nice sum for Thylacine Studios to create the ultimate mix of dungeon crawling and creature battling. It was quite a speedy success too, getting funded in about an hour after going live in May.

  • Steam Linux Percentage For May Points To A New Multi-Year High

    Valve's May 2020 numbers show another uptick for Steam Linux gaming usage, pointing towards the Linux marketshare continuing to increase with the overall Steam user-base in this coronavirus period leading to record usage with the extra time spent by gamers at home. Valve's just-published Linux numbers put their overall percentage at 0.91%, an increase of 0.04% over the month prior. It's still below 1% and well off the ~2% back when Steam on Linux was new, but this 0.91% at least bumps it to a new multi-year high.

  • Spaceship action RPG Drox Operative 2 lands in Early Access

    Drox Operative 2 from Soldak Entertainment has now arrived in Early Access after a short delay on Steam's approvals process. Drox Operative 2 is a starship action RPG with warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic, evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer for Linux and Windows.

  • LRDGames overhaul subterfuge strategy game Precipice

    Precipice had a good idea when it released, a strategy game where you didn't face your enemy directly in war across the world and instead engage in a cat and mouse game of subterfuge. It's not a war game it tells you, both sides can completely annihilate each other if needed. Sadly, at release, I didn't enjoy it. I thought the AI was poor, the UI had lots of issues and they suffered major multiplayer problems too. I wanted to like it though, as it took the strategy genre into a different direction. Not only that, LRDGames also developed Deep Sixed which I thought was actually great. Out of seemingly nowhere, LRDGames have returned to Precipice with a big 2.0 update to overhaul various parts of it.

  • European mystery adventure Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit coming to Linux

    Lithuanian developer Tag of Joy are currently working on Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit, a colourful upcoming adventure game and it will support Linux. Crowns and Pawns, inspired by point-and-click classics such as Broken Sword, Still Life, Syberia and others, brings the less explored history of Europe to the world of adventurers. Experience the legendary stories of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, beware of the villainous branch of the KGB, solve puzzles and follow hints to reveal the secrets of the king who was never crowned. Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit isn't a newly announced title, in fact it's actually had a Steam page up since 2019. What is new, however, is Linux support. Back in April it started listing Linux support so I reached out to the developer, and they confirmed very clearly, "Yes, the listing is correct - we plan to have it on Linux as well!".

  • Transhuman Design taking sign-ups for multiplayer Soldat 2 testing

    After open sourcing the original Soldat, Transhuman Design are now pushing forwards with their next generation side-scrolling action game Soldat 2. Soldat 2 actually already has a demo available, which you can play right now on Steam. However that is currently single-player only to give you a taste of what to expect from the bigger game. Soldat 2 is due to enter Early Access in Q2 this year and now they need more help testing. You can now sign-up for access to multiplayer testing, by doing so you will also be signing up to their mailing list. Keys will be sent out when they come in and it's all online, it's not instant.

  • Retrofuturistic strategy game Mainframe Defenders gets a huge upgrade

    Mainframe Defenders is a strategy game that looks like you're playing from some sort of 80s terminal, it's slick and now it has a big free update out. It's a turn-based squad-based strategy game. So you build up a squad of robotic prototypes on a mission to defend a mainframe from a virus taking over a research complex. You deal with limit movement, heat build up, various types of weapons and enemies all with strengths and weaknesses.