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Kdenlive is Now Available on the Snap Store

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Its arrival on the store will simplify installation of the non-linear editing tool across Linux distributions.

Prior to now an AppImage had been the ‘recommended’ way for Linux users to download and run Kdenlive on Linux desktops like Ubuntu (and if you’re a fan of that method you needn’t worry: the AppImage version isn’t going away).

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How to use journalctl to View and Analyze Systemd Logs [With Examples]

This guide explains the basics of the journalctl utility of Systemd and its various commands. You can use these commands for troubleshooting desktop and server logs in Linux. This is how you can use journalctl to view and analyze Systemd Logs with different examples. Read more

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This week in KDE: Big new accented/alternative character input feature

A big new Plasma feature was merged this week that I’m very excited to present! Now, when you press-and-hold a key, a small palette will appear offering alternative characters similar to the one you’re holding down. This makes it enormously easier to type accented characters from other languages or symbols uncommon in your language without having to change your keyboard layout or memorize compose key sequences. Read more

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