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Software: QEMU 4.2, libredwg 0.9.2, Footnotes and Endnotes in LibreOffice Writer

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  • QEMU 4.2 Cycle Kicks Off With Inaugural Release Candidate

    The initial release candidate for the upcoming QEMU 4.2 is now available as a sizable update to this important piece of the open-source Linux virtualization stack.

  • libredwg-0.9.2 released

    This is a minor patch update. 
    Added the -x,--extnames option to dwglayers for r13-r14 DWGs, 
    Fixed some more leaks, 
    Added DICTIONARY.itemhandles[] for r13 and r14, 
    Added geom utils to some programs: dwg2SVG and dwg2ps, 
    Added basic POLYLINE_2D and LWPOLYLINE support to dwg2SVG. 

  • Footnotes and Endnotes in LibreOffice Writer

    A note is a string of text placed at the bottom of a page in a book or document or at the end of a chapter, volume or the whole text. The note can provide an author's comments on the main text or citations of a reference work in support of the text. Footnotes are notes at the foot of the page while endnotes are collected under a separate heading at the end of a chapter, volume, or entire work.

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