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GNU Releases: guile-ncurses, cpio and mailutils

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  • guile-ncurses v3.0 released

    I am pleased to announce the release of guile-ncurses 3.0

    guile-ncurses is a library for the creation of text user interfaces in the GNU Guile dialect of the Scheme programming language. It is a wrapper to the ncurses TUI library. It contains some basic text display and keyboard and mouse input functionality, as well as a menu widget and a form widget. It also has lower level terminfo and termios functionality.

  • GNU cpio Version 2.13

    GNU cpio version 2.13 is available for download. This version fixes the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2015-1197, CVE-2016-2037, CVE-2019-14866.

  • GNU Mailutils Version 3.8

    Version 3.8 of GNU mailutils is available for download.
    This version fixes important security flow. The maidag utility has been withdrawn and three new programs have been included to provide its functionality: local mail delivery agent mda, LMTP daemon lmtpd, and user mail delivery tool putmail.