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New Huawei Shock: Google ‘Workaround’ For Mate 30

  • New Huawei Shock: Google ‘Workaround’ For Mate 30 Will Evade Blacklist

    But now, as reported by Android Authority, the company’s consumer head Richard Yu has told the media at Germany’s IFA tech show that Huawei “might have a workaround on-hand.” At stake is the Play Store, along with default apps like Google Maps and Gmail. And underpinning all of that, are Google’s software and services that differentiate the full-blown version of Android from its open-source alternative.

  • Huawei workaround could allow Mate 30 users to install Google apps on open-source Android

    What operating system will Huawei use for the Mate 30 series? After all, Google said late last month that it will not license the Google Play services version of Android to the Chinese manufacturer for use with its next flagship series. That also means that core Google apps like the Play Store, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Search will not be available for the Mate 30 line. That's because Huawei was placed on the U.S. Commerce Department's Entity List in May, preventing the company from accessing its U.S. supply chain. Huawei had licenses for some of its recent models that were granted prior to May 16th when the ban was announced.

  • How Safe Is Huawei's Google Loophole?

    Huawei's upcoming Mate 30 has a problem. The Android-powered flagship smartphone is not going to include any Google apps or services out of the box.

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