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ArcoLinux 19.07.11

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Today we are looking at the latest snapshot of ArcoLinux 19.07.11. We are looking at the main, edition, the XFCE release. It is based on Arch Linux, Linux Kernel 5.2, XFCE 4.12 and it uses about 600MB of ram when idling.

When I look at ArcoLinux, I can see just how much the developer loves this project and how much work he is putting into it. AcroLinux is clearly one of the best looking, and working great.

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Direct/video: ArcoLinux 19.07.11 Run Through

ArchBang changes back to Openbox

  • [ArchBang] Change back to Openbox

    Did quite a bit of thinking regarding using i3 with ArchBang and it was starting to be obvious that many new users would be put off by tiling. Openbox is a comfortable window manager, easy to use and familiar. Its XML configs can be a pain but nothing that can be dealt with easily…

    Have switched Alt-F3 bind for dmenu to Super+d. Feels more natural and easier to reach. Removed Super+{h,v,c} from conky bind list too, really not sure of anyone needs them or even uses them. Can of course add in other binds.

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