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Games: Test Tube Titans, Supraland, Ion Maiden and The Bard’s Tale IV

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  • Test Tube Titans, a game about growing monsters and then sending them off to wreak havoc

    The developer of Test Tube Titans recently put up a Linux version of their in-development title and it's quite amusing.

    Being completely honest, I've not laughed while playing a game as much as I did with Test Tube Titans when I first attempted to go out into the world with my creature. Due to the physics-based controls (which I'm awful at), you need to move your legs using different buttons to actually get anywhere. It's clumsy but also highly entertaining! It's designed with a gamepad in mind, so I checked it out using my Steam Controller hooked up with SC Controller and it works beautifully.

  • Surprise - Supraland for Linux is now available on GOG

    I will admit, I am quite surprised. Supraland from Supra Games recently released on GOG and it was only for Windows. The developer said some odd things about it all and now it seems they changed their mind, thankfully.

    Today, the Linux version of Supraland officially went live on GOG and GOG themselves sent over a copy for me to check out. I've already played through the demo on Steam and apart from some performance issues here and there, it's a delightful game.

  • Ion Maiden has become Ion Fury, release date announced for August 15th

    In development from Voidpoint and 3D Realms, the retro FPS Ion Maiden has now become Ion Fury. They've also announced the final release for August 15th with a new trailer.

    Why the name change? Well, they were in a bit of a legal problem with the band Iron Maiden.

  • The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut to be launched August 27

    The dungeon crawler by Brian Fargo and inXile is set to finally launch on Linux soon. The new director’s cut will bring more than just a new coat of paint.