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Games: OpenRCT2, Eagle Island, Damsel and Last Epoch

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  • FOSS game engine "OpenRCT2" for RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 has a fresh release out

    Ready to build some fantastic rides again? FOSS game engine OpenRCT2 has a brand new release available for playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 on Linux.

    Release v0.2.3 code-named "Tim the Enchanter" went live yesterday and it's not just a bug-fix release adding in a bunch of new features.

  • Throw your Owl at everything in "Eagle Island", out now with Linux support

    Few games have a demo that capture my interest so intensely as Eagle Island, thankfully my enjoyment of the demo translated well into the full game. Featuring a level of polish I don't often see from a brand new release, Eagle Island is an absolute joy.

  • Fast-paced action platformer "Damsel" now has Episode 3 released

    While Linux support for Episode 3 of Damsel has come a little later, it's now available as of the latest update to this challenging action platformer.

  • Action-RPG "Last Epoch" getting a demo later this year, next update due in August

    After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018, the action-RPG "Last Epoch" released into Early Access back in April. It sounds like development is going well, with a number of things announced recently.

    In their update post, they went over some of their current plans. Firstly, the next update is now due in "early" August although there's no details yet in what it will bring. However, they also mentioned that the update after will be including "additional Chapter content, Time Rifts, new enemies, new skills - and more" which all sounds good.

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