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  • The 10 Best Video Editors and Makers for Android

    With how important social media has become in our times coupled with advancements in technology, tools for technical activities like music and video creation have been made more accessible to virtually anyone with a smartphone who cares to be creative.

    As you would imagine, the Google Play Store is littered with several applications to enable users to create and edit videos with tons of visual effects and customizations that make having a video editing dedicated desktop less of a do or die affair.

    If you would like to create videos for social media, your next project meeting, or to just share with friends for fun then you’re in luck because here is a list of the best video editors for Android.

  • How to comply with the upcoming requirements in Google Play

    Starting on August 1st, Google Play will no longer accept new applications or application updates without a 64-bit version (unless of course there is no native code at all). For Qt users, this means you have to build an additional APK that contains the 64-bit binaries.

    Qt has shipped 64-bit binaries for Android since Qt 5.12.0, so complying with the new requirement is technically no big deal. But after discussing with users, I see that it is not clear to everyone exactly how to set up an app in Google Play that supports multiple architectures at once.

Mozilla Launches New ‘Firefox Preview’ Browser For Android

  • Mozilla Launches New ‘Firefox Preview’ Browser For Android

    Mozilla has launched a pilot test for its new Android browser ‘Firefox Preview.’ The new app is a redesigned version of Firefox for Android and seems to work 2x faster. This adds to the list of all the different browsers Mozilla has made for Android including Firefox Focus, and Firefox Lite.

    Firefox Preview has a minimalist user interface, support for Collections (to save, organize and share sites) and a new way of bookmarking pages. It has Firefox’s tracking protection, which remains on by default.

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