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Linux 5.1-rc5

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Here we go again.. It's Sunday afternoon, must mean another rc kernel.

We have changes all over, but not unseasonably many of them, and most
of the ones here are very small. Looking at the stats, the sound
driver updates kind of stand out, being almost a third of the patch
(and about a third of the commits too, so it's not because of some
single big patch). But none of it looks all that scary.

Outside of the sound fixes, another third is other drivers (gpu, rdma,
nvme, mmc, block layer..) and the last third is "misc". That includes
arch updates, tooling, and various core fixes (networking, filesystem,
security modules, and core kernel/mm).

Nothing in here makes me feel uncomfortable about this release cycle
so far. Knock wood.

Shortlog appended with an overview of the details, as usual.


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