Firefox and Linux

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At the recent Firefox Summit, a group of people led by Chris Aillon (Red Hat), Robert O’Callahan (Novell), and myself met to discuss Firefox on the Linux desktop. Historically, there has been a great deal of tension between and the Linux distros, notably over maintenance of branches, divergence between distros, and lack of sustained communication between the groups. All seemed in agreement that closer cooperation and dividing responsibilities appropriately would benefit everyone involved. A number of changes were proposed that have general consensus among the stakeholders.
It is hoped that the proposed changes will drive a stronger and more balanced partnership among Mozilla contributors, and enable the Linux community to work more closely with the Mozilla community. More importantly, we believe this will drive a bigger focus on creating a better Linux user experience for everyone.

== Development ==
* In the Firefox 3 timeline, establish a strong group of maintainers to drive and own Linux-specific development. caillon and roc will likely act as owners here.

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