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Graphics: X.Org, Libdrm, VirGL

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  • Understanding The X.Org Server's Complex Pointer Acceleration Code

    While Peter Hutterer has been involved with the X.Org Server's input code and related projects for the past decade now and has spearheaded the projects around Multi Pointer X, X Input 2, and the Wayland/Xorg-using Libinput libraries, he's still had a tough time grasping the X.Org Server's pointer acceleration code.

    Due to recent complaints from users about libinput, Peter Hutterer has made a fresh attempt at understanding the X.Org Server's pointer acceleration code. He's now made progress in doing so after coming up with a method to visualize the pointer acceleration code.

  • Libdrm 2.4.92 Released With Meson Build Improvements, Icelake Support

    Libdrm 2.4.92 is now available as the newest version of the Mesa DRM library that most notably sits between the Mesa drivers and the Linux kernel Direct Rendering Manager code.

    Arguably the most notable addition to Libdrm 2.4.92 is now supporting Intel Icelake "Gen 11" graphics. Those initial bits are now in place to go along with Intel's ongoing upbringing of Icelake graphics within the DRM kernel driver and Mesa ANV/i965 drivers. On the Intel side is also syncing against the latest Cannonlake PCI IDs, adding a Kabylake PCI ID that was missing up until now, and other basic Intel updates.

  • Collabora Working On VirGL OpenGL ES Improvements, OpenGL ES For QEMU

    Elie Tournier, the former GSoC student developer who was working on soft FP64 support and then joined Collabora, has shared a status update on the consulting firm's work in the GPU virtualization space.

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